Sbarro 540K baby -1981

Franco Sbarro's 540K replica is accompanied by a children's version that has little to envy the adult version. Perhaps even the adults are a little jealous, as the 540K baby makes you want to try it out.

The close-set headlamps give the 540K baby a strange look (Artcurial photograph).

Grand luxury

Powered by a 47 cm3 Sachs engine, this magnificent car is extremely luxurious, with an all-leather interior, carpeting, burr elm or metal dashboard. As a result, the weight is substantial: 170 kg unladen, 100 kg more than the BMW 328 baby with the same engine. The single-cylinder engine is located in the rear trunk. Several different windscreens have been fitted to the 540K baby, as shown in the photographs.

The picture is very faithful to that of 540K, except for the steering wheel, which is too large, by necessity, in relation to the rest of the car (Artcurial photograph).

More than a toy

Like the BMW 328 baby, the 540 K Baby was sold by the Swiss company Syma (or InterSyma) at the substantial price of 13500 Swiss francs. It should be noted that, like the "adult" version, the baby is authorized to wear the Mercedes star. A testament to the build quality of this dream car.

Beautiful lines for this children's car.
In brief
1- Children's version of the 540K replica
2- Unprecedented luxury for a children's car
3- High-quality craftsmanship
Main sources
1- two InterSyma catalogs
2- Artcurial auction house website