Sbarro Challenge baby - 1986

The Sbarro Challenge caused a sensation at the 1985 Geneva Motor Show. Shortly afterwards, Sbarro presented a children's version, the Challenge baby. Warning: masterpiece. 

The Sbarro Challenge baby (photo from the Unicorn catalog)


It's almost become a habit: Sbarro has already created several children's cars, the baby. Testarossa, 328, 540K and now the Challenge. The Challenge baby is in no way inferior to its big sister, the Challenge. The lines remain impressive, with their elytra-shaped doors. What's more, it becomes a roadster, even though it only exists as a coupé for the big boys!

The Sbarro Challenge baby (photo from the Unicorn catalog)

For kids? Really?

Technically, we're a long way from pedal cars. Children who have had the chance to drive it will surely have appreciated the Honda engine developing 36 hp and placed in a central rear position. The gearbox is automatic, the wheels are independent, and the braking system lives up to its claims: 2 drums and a disc brake. This is essential, as the Challenge baby weighs 200 kg and can reach 100 km/h. Yes, this is a children's car! For added safety, a harness is fitted to the superb red leather driver's seat.

The Sbarro Challenge baby in front of the Challenge III (photo by Dingo for Option Auto magazine)

The latest baby

The Challenge baby, like the "adult" Challenge, is a little marvel. I don't know the production figures, but a superb sales catalog was published by Unicorn in 1986. Most of the photos on this page are taken from it.

The Challenge baby is the fourth and last baby designed by Sbarro. In all, four dream models for children and adults alike.
In brief
1- Children's version of the Sbarro Challenge
2- High performance for a children's car
3- Exemplary build quality