Sbarro 328 baby, 1976

After the famous BMW 328 replica, Franco Sbarro produced this magnificent children's car: the 328 baby.

Admit it, you'd love to have driven the same one as a child (photograph by F Von Sury for the Syma catalog).

A real car

Equipped with a small 2.4 hp single-cylinder Sachs 50 ADLX engine, the BMW 328 baby could reach speeds of up to 35 km/h. And just because it's a children's car doesn't mean the 328 baby isn't sophisticated. It features a 2-speed gearbox with automatic gearshift, tubular chassis, twin drum brakes on the rear wheels, 4-wheel independent suspension, electric starter, seat belt and even an optional leather interior.

The 328 babies were marketed by Inter Syma, Yverdon, Switzerland.

Today, Sbarro Baby has taken over production under license, with an innovation: a remote control for stopping the car in an emergency.
For children and those who have remained children
In brief
1- A car for kids, but built like the big ones
2- Top speed of 35 km/h
3- Parents have always dreamed of taking their children's car!
Main sources
1- Book "Franco Sbarro. La mécanique dans le sang. Tome 1"
2- Syma catalog (photographs by F Von Sury)