Sbarro SSK

Daniel Denis

Discovered in the french magazine Auto rétro #482 in January 2023, the Sbarro SSK is a model I'd never seen before! Thanks to Daniel Denis' photographs, discover this unique and little-known replica.

July 2023

Sbarro P4 in Auto Rétro 488 august 2023

Sbarro P4

Auto Rétro, a french magazine, dedicates a 3rd article to Sbarro. After the Golf Turbo in September 2021, the SSK in February 2023, here's the test drive of the P4. A replica of the sublime Ferrari P4, this Sbarro is exceptional, even if the Auto Rétro journalist did find a few flaws! Issue on sale on the Auto Rétro website.

July 2023

Espera Bagheera Hommage 550

Espera Sbarro Bagheera

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the french car Matra Simca Bagheera, Espera students presented a modernized version of this somewhat forgotten car. Like the original, the Hommage version has three front seats, one of the Bagheera's hallmarks. The engine, rear-mid-mounted in a transverse position, is a slightly modified 4-cylinder turbo 1.6 thp from Peugeot.

June 2023

Espera Sbarro Oniric


Oniric is the second prototype of the class of 2021-2022 of the Espera school in Montbéliard. With a long hood, a cockpit that is very far back, and a long, plunging rear end, Oniric is an interpretation of the lines of classic English roadsters. Under the hood, a 6-cylinder Jaguar engine from an XJR.

december 2022

Espera Sbarro Saviris


No Geneva show this year, but the students of the class of 2021-2022 presented their first prototype in Montbéliard, the Saviris small car, powered by a 100 horsepower motorbike engine

april 2022

Old advertising for the Sbarro 328

While searching on the internet, I found this old advertisement for Autosuisse, importer for Italy of the BMW 328 Sbarro. I found the slogan amusing "Per pochi. Anzi, per pochissimi", in other words "For a few. In fact, for very few".

november 2021

Espera Sbarro Dune

The 2019 Dune off-road single-seater has gone a bit unnoticed. Yet it is an interesting model, in the spirit of an Ariel Nomad, developed in just 41 days by the 24 students of the 2018-2019 promotion.

november 2021

Espera Sbarro Restart 2020

The Espera 2019-2020 promotion was unable to produce its second prototype due to lockdown in March 2020. In order not to stay on an incomplete year, the school took the decision not to recruit new students in September 2020, offering the possibility to finish the interrupted training. In about 40 days, the students designed and built the aptly named project, Restart. This splendid hot-rod is powered by a large V8 engine. For more pictures, you can consult the page Flickr de l'UTBM.

february 2021

a modular electric motorcycle

Following the cancellation of the 2020 Geneva Motorshow, Franco Sbarro was unable to present his new projects. It was to the Vaudois newspaper La région that he showed the one that was supposed to be in first place on his stand: a modular electric motorcycle that takes up two ideas already exploited by Sbarro: a motor in the front wheel and the famous orbital wheel without a hub in which a helmet can be stored. When stopped, the saddle folds down and the footboard disappears. When will we be able to see it "for real": nothing is sure because the 2021 edition of the Geneva show has also been cancelled. (crédit photo Michel Duperrex, journal La région)

october 2020

The Sbarro Tiger



At the 1973 Geneva Motor Show, Franco Sbarro presented the SV1, the first car that made him known to the general public. There was, however, a second car on the stand: the Tiger, a sports coupé that looked like a Porsche 917. The Tiger was originally born as a prototype at Bertone in 1968. It was acquired by Sbarro, with a view to producing it in small series. The project will not succeed, the car will remain a unique model. Today the Tiger is being restored. Discover the details of this story, as well as the rare pictures of this mysterious Tiger.
july 2020

Espera Sbarro Saetta Rossa 2020


The Saetta Rossa was created in 60 days by the 24 students of the 2019-2020 class of Espera Montbéliard. This evocation of the racing trays of the 70s is powered by a Maserati V8 and weighs only 762 kg.

march 2020

Where is the Sbarro Super Eight ?


It's often difficult to trace the Franco Sbarro's cars. Recently Vintage Car magazine found the Sbarro Super Eight on the Speed 8 Classics stand at the last InterClassics Brussels. The car, with only 26,254 km, is currently on sale (around 100,000 euros). To find out more, visit the Vintage Car

december 2019

Espera Sbarro Renner (2019)


Very nice surprise on the stand Sbarro Espera with this evocation of the Porsche 904. Designed and built in record time, the Renner is powered by a 4-cylinder flat original Subaru, placed in the rear center position. 300 horses for just a ton, it promises great performance.

march 2019

Sbarro El Rickshaw (2019)


Beside the cars of his students, Franco Sbarro still surprises with a 4-seater electric tricycle evoking the rickshaw of Southeast Asia..

march 2019

Espera Sbarro Miles (2018)


The second prototype of the 2017-2018 Espera promotion, Miles, is inspired by the Mercedes Grand Prix, the silver arrows. Curiously, I only found rare photos on the net, not giving much information to apprehend this car. To be continued.

october 2018

Sbarro 4x4+2 (2018)


Alongside the work of the students of the Espera school, Franco Sbarro exhibits his own creations in Geneva. This year, in addition to an evolution of the Alcador GTB, Franco Sbarro presented the 4x4+2, an all-terrain vehicle with a tormented and very controversial style, based on a first generation Posche Cayenne. But the plus of this car is the presence of two additional non-driven wheels that improve the crossing capabilities of this vehicle designed for extreme rallies.

march 2018

Espera Sbarro Dilemme (2018)


The 22 Espera students return to electricity with the Dilemme, four years after Sparta. This time it was about designing a 100% electric Formula 1. The choice of a closed cockpit is unusual on a Formula 1. The Dilemme was as usual conceived and built in record time: 12 weeks. It is presented at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

march 2018

Espera Sbarro Rush


Rush is a magnificent single-seater inspired by the Formula 1 cars of the 1960s. Technically very classical (v8 engine, rear wheel drive, manual gearbox, multitubular frame), Rush is a featherweight (775 kg) which, powered by 340 horsepower, offers its rider placed close to the ground new sensations. Read more...

january 2018

Espera Sbarro Mojave 2017


Espera Mojave, first prototype by the 30th promotion Espera, is a interpretation of a modern hot-rod, powered by a Jaguar V8. For me, one of the most interesting car at Geneva in march 2017. Read more...

april 2017

Espera Sbarro ArCad' 2016


Espera ArCAd' is the second prototype built by Espera in 2016. A great project of an off-road vehicle, presented at the graduation in June 2016. Arcad' is powered by a 300 horsepower Cadillac Northstar V8! Read more...

december 2016



I take a lot of pictures of cars in France (Rétromobile, Montlhéry, Magny-Cours, Paris...). You see these pictures at:

august 2016

Sbarro Ginevra 2016


Espera cars tend to make us forget that Franco Sbarro continues to produce cars. This year in Geneva, he unveiled the Ginevra 2016, a roadster version of the Ferrari 550 Maranello, with classical style, but unexpected details : a drawer at the back and helmets integrated into the bodywork.

july 2016

Espera Sbarro Haze 2016


L'Espera Haze, unveiled at Geneva, is a sports car created in only 68 days by students. 300 hp, 900 kg, the Haze is evolutive : the specifications'll change in the future. To be continued...

april 2016

Espera Sbarro Miglia 2015


Espera Miglia is gorgeous sports car, evocation of the famous italian race, the Mille Miglia. Powered by a 320ch V8 for just 1050kg. Only one word: superbe ! Read more...

décember 2015

Espera promotion 2015


Espera 2014-2015 is over. The 26 students showed their last prototype, Miglia, an evocation of Ferrari 60's, here beside Aria, unveiled in march at Geneva. Two fantastic cars, certainly the most beautiful cars created by Espera.

september 2015

Sbarro Royale Event


Franco Sbarro unveiled in 2014 at Geneva a new interpretation of the Bugatti Royale, 35 years after his first Royale. 16 cylinders, 6,5 meters, almost 2000 kg: the Sbarro Royale is all about superlatives. Read more...

may 2015

Espera : behind the scenes



Espera school organized few months ago a visit in the school workshop. Ammo published in his blog several photos of this exceptional day, with rare photos of the cars on the road. You can see this report at Ammoprod.

january 2015

Espera Grand Prix



Espera Sbarro Grand Prix is a beautiful concept that evokes the racing cars of the 30s, combining tradition (V12 engine, propulsion) and new in board technologies. You can discover this car on the Grand Prix page.

october 2014

Espera Sparta - Rallye Monte-Carlo Energies Nouvelles 2014



For the second time, Espera and UTBM participated in the 2014 Rallye Monte Carlo Energies Nouvelles. In the wake of the Geneva Autoshow, Sparta was engaged in this rallye. Apart from some minor problems, Sparta and the team finished the rallye and were at the arrival. Don't forget Sparta is a prototype entirely conceived and constructed by students, in few weeks only, and engaged in these race without preparation. Félicitations !

All the pictures on Flickr.

april 2014

Geneva 2014 : Sbarro Espera Sparta



Espera Students made the show at Geneva. After ES-13 Flèche rouge (also showed here at Geneva), here is Sparta, based on a Citroën DS3, with hybrid motor (like React'ev in 2013), agressive new body and an future participation in the 15th Rallye Monte-Carlo Energies Nouvelles.

march 2014

Flashback: Sbarro Espera Evoluzione de 2011



Evoluzione or the evolution theory rewrited in 2011 by Espera students. An atypic machine, between sports-car and bike, with exceptionnal performances. It's not a supercar, but 800 kg only : all is said.

february 2014

ES-13 in Option Auto #206



Sbarro and Espera are rare in media. So the #206 is an exceptionnal issue of Option Auto, one of the best french car magazines, with six pages about Espera ES-13 Flèche Rouge.

february 2014

Sbarro Daimler limousine



A Daimler XJ8 limousine with extende wheelbase et modified front. It's an example of these unknowed Sbarro's creations. More infos here.

décember 2013

Sbarro Jaclyn



A Jaguar XK modified by Sbarro for a 26-years old girl, with a stronger engine. A pure hard roadster, perfect for cruizing around Neufchâtel lake.

november 2013

Prototypes for sale



Some prototypes created by Sbarro and/or his students were for sale during summer :

SuperFive, a Renault Supercinq restyled by Sbarro (two made) (for sale at AutoScout);

ZX Onyx, a tuning kit on Citroën ZX (also for sale at AutoScout);

Xsara coupé, tuning on Citroën Xsara (no link);

GTR, a sports car based on Peugeot (at FA automobiles);

Stinger, a race monoplace created by five Espera students (at Chantilly Cars Prestige);

Peugeot 106 Xsi, tuning on Peugeot 106 (at MikadoRacing);

Monza, a sports-car powered by a Suzuki bike engine (at MikadoRacing).

Some of the cars aren't very interesting (nobody dreams about kit tuning on old Citroën). Stinger is a track only car, with non hologation possible. The most interesting is the little SuperFive, created by Sbarro himself, typical of his work in the eighties and affordable today.

september 2013

Espera ES-13 Flèche Rouge



Espera ES-13 Flèche Rouge (Red Arrow) is the last car created by Espera students. Powered by a 156bhp-4 cylinder (from a Citroën DS3), the front of this Le Mans-style sports-car was inspired by plane, with a sort of reactor (see the Turbotraction made by Sbarro in 2004).

july 2013

Espera React'ev - Rallye Monte-Carlo Energies Nouvelles



Espera React'ev, unveiled at the geneva Autoshow in march 2013, take part in the 14e Rallye Monte-Carlo Energies Nouvelles, and prove the serious of the student's work. React'ev, first hybrid car made by the Espera school, is a beautiful hybrid sports car and, because of the participation at the Monte-Carlo Rallye, it's one of the most important car in the Sbarro-Espera history.

april 2013

40th Geneva AutoShow for Franco Sbarro



The Geneva Motor Show without Sbarro could not be envisaged. For forty years Franco Sbarro exposes in Geneva. Forty years amazing visitors at Palexpo. Forty years with admiration or critics. Forty years and the passion has remained undiminished. For this anniversary, the organizers of the Geneva Motor Show gave him a large stand where there is at one side his own creations, featuring the Jaclyn (a one-off-based on Jaguar XK8) with older models such as Alcador GTB, Delphi, Memory and GT12 ; and on the other side two prototypes made by the school Espera'students, Eight (already exhibited in Paris in October 2012) andReact'ev(a beautiful hybrid sports car)

march 2013

Espera Supercharged 11



Supercharged 11 or the Lotus Seven recreated by Espera students in 2011 and unveiled at Essen. Powered by a Jaguar engine, this light car represents the pleasure. In white and green, a car to be discovered here : Supercharged 11.

février 2013

Autobau, a Sbarro to be rediscovered



Autobau, Geneva 2010 : here is an automobile which will have made speak about her but that we almost forgot today. Remember : an orange monovolume, powered by a twelve cylinders Ferrari. The perfect example of what Franco Sbarro imagines regularly: his personal vision of Automobile, far from fashions and easy critics. Autobau, a car to be rediscovered here with the necessary passing of time.january 2013

Espera Eight at the Mondial de l'Automobile de Paris 2012



This superb hotrod features the latest innovations in embedded technology. Designed and made in​just eight weeks (hence its name, Eight). One of the finest prototypes Espera. All the details here.

september 2012

Sbarro Memory, homage or heresy ?



Franco Sbarro unveiled the Memory at Geneva 2012, a pretty evocation of Ferrari GTO et 275 GTB, based on a Ferrari 400.

july 2012

Sbarro 328 for sale



You dream of a Sbarro 328, the famous replica from Franco Sbarro. Few are for sale, but this is the case of this splendid 19836 red one, at Simon Furlonger. For £ 40,000, this is a 328 Speciale, powered by the BMW 6-cylinder 245 hp, with about 15,000 km on the clock. The purpose of this site is not to advertise, but the ads are rare, it can get an idea of the price of a Sbarro.

mai 2012

Geneva 2012 : Sbarro F1for3



Franco Sbarro and Delphi will unveiled F1for3 (Formula 1 for 3 persons), a show car that showcases a range of innovative products including smart user interface, world-standard mobile TV tuner and a slim line roof module with integrated reception system.

february 2012

Sbarro Espera Intencity, an electric car for Geneva 2012




Espera students 2011-2012 work hard right now to prepare the prototype to be presented in March at the Geneva Motor Show. It'll be an electric car, named IntenCity. The body takes shape and is apparently in line with Speed'R & Evoluzione. The cockpit will be made by two former students, Honorine Pourcher and Matthieu Noël, creators of Composites 21, a new company based at Meloisey, France : the prototype will be a good way for them to promote their work.

february 2012

Sbarro Two For 100



Two liters per 100 kilometers, this is what promises Franco Sbarro with Two For 100, a funny car full of ideas to combat car pollution without using expensive technologies or electricity not yet ready. Reduction, downsizing, aerodynamics, that's what provides the Two For 100 presented in Geneva and Essen in 2011.

february 2012

The Spirou's Turbotraction exists !



In 2004, on the occasion of the exhibition Franquin, Franco Sbarro realized the phantasm of every reader of Spirou: making the Turbotraction for real. This car still exists, and even better, it rolls. As proof, the Raphaël Belly's pictures, taken in Monaco during the summer of 2010, found on the page devoted to Turbotraction.

december 2011

The beginning of a great adventure : ACA Sbarro Dominique III



April 1968, Franco Sbarro created ACA, Atelier de Construction Automobile. The first model released a few months later: Dominique III, a sports car based on the famous Ford GT40. This exceptionnal prototype will allow Franco Sbarro to meet Eric Broadley, father of the Lola T70; a meeting that will launch his career.

octobre 2011

Espera : back to school for 22 students



The 22 students of the 2011-2012 Espera Sbarro promotion made ​their return on September 12. Small change: Espera left Etupes, France. RThe school is now in Montbeliard, France in the school Lycée Jules Viette. Rendez-vous in March 2012 in Geneva to see their future prototypes

September 2011

Five prototypes Espera sold



Just before a moving, Espera sold five prototypes in early summer 2011. Monza coupe was purchased by an investor who once sold it in the region of Clermont-Ferrand, France. The prototype Katana left for Paris, France.

The other three, the Impact, the Gecko and the GT4 concept, were acquired by Francis Bouillet, a former student of the school and founder of the company Kustom & Racer Design. He have the firmly intention to continue with the development of the cars. The Impact will rest, according to his wish, at the Circuit de Dijon-Prenois, France.

August 2011

Sbarro Bugatti Royale



The Bugatti Royale by Franco Sbarro is an evocation of the famous Bugatti Type 41. Powered by an exclusive 16-cylinder, this luxury sedan back to a time when passion, luxury and exclusivity generated inaccessible chefs-d'oeuvre.

august 2011

Espera Sbarro Supercharged 11



The Espera Sbarro school unveiled in june the Supercharged 11, a kind of Lotus Seven, a very light sports car, powered by a Jaguar 6-cyl. The Supercharged did some demonstration laps in Montbéliard, France. We'll see it surely in Geneva in march.

juillet 2011

Geneva 2011 : Sbarro Two For 100



Two For 100 is the last Franco Sbarro's concept. After the controversy Autobau in 2010, Franco Sbarro unveiled a sympathetic car, the Two For 100, with the allure of American dream cars of the years 50-60 with its all round cockpit and pleyglass wheels. No more informations for the moment.

mars 2011

Geneva 2011 : Sbarro Espera Evoluzione



Evoluzione is the name of the last prototype unveiled at the Geneva Motorshow 2011 by Espera students. Driver in central position, two passengers at the back, engine fully visible, agressive lines, dark gray mat : bike has obvously inspired the students for this Evoluzione.

source : le (photo Michel Schuler)

february 2011

Sbarro GT1 for sale



Regularly I am asked how much is a Sbarro. Actually, most often, I don't know. Sbarros for sale are very rare, hence the impossibility of having a reliable rating. But I can tell you today that the one-off Sbarro GT1 is available from The car experience for a whopping € 1 million! A price I find excessive. It remains to verify the seriousness of this announcement.

january 2011

Espera Sbarro Speed'R - Mondial de l'Automobile, Paris 2010



Speed'R was presented at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, on the Orange stand. The students of Espera Montbeliard have managed the feat to bring their car at the best achievements of this show. And yet the Speed'R has no hybrid or electric engine. Worse, Speed'R is powered by an old V6 Alfa Romeo surely very pollutant. But, we love it! And with the crowd that pressed around, we are still likely to believe in the automotive pleasure.

You can find more details on the Speed'R on the page devoted to it (here).

october 2010

Espera Sbarro Speed'R



The latest concept car from the school Espera (Montbeliard, France), Speed'R, will be showed at the Mondial de l'Automobile in Paris in October. Until we know more, here are some pictures from a video taken in June (see video).

august 2010

Franco Sbarro on TV (TSR)



The Swiss TV website (Television Suisse Romande - TSR) offers free archive. A search on Franco Sbarro provides access to five stories, the oldest date of March 1969. GT40, SV1, the beginning of the Sbarro's school, and reflections on the administrative difficulties Swiss ! In french only.

july 2010

Sbarro Autobau



The Sbarro Autobau surprised a lot of people at the 2010 Geneva autoshow. This spectacular orange sports car, powered by a V12 Ferrari, with its unssen design, often criticised, shows that the standardization and marketing have not reached Sbarro. That's a very good news.

april 2010

Geneva autoshow 2010



The Geneva show has always been an important event for Sbarro. Each year brings new models and 2010 has not failed in the rule. The stand accommodates both creations of Franco Sbarro (ACA) and those of students of Espera Montbeliard.

Sbarro offers a new model, the Autobau spectacular orange coupe, dedicated to Fredy Lienhard. More surprising to me is the exposure of older models : Sbarro Lola T70, Ford GT40 and Ferrari P4. A bike, or a tricycle, is exposed, with a caddy shopping cart integrated between the two front wheels.

Espera Montbeliard has a beautiful sports car, Essenza and a model seen last year, the concept GT4.

march 2010

10 years !



Ten years this site exists. On February 24, 2000 I put online this crazy project to collect all vehicles built by Franco Sbarro and its students. Nearly 160 today. I did not count the hours spent because it would frighten me. The greatest success of the site is all these contacts with automotive enthusiasts who have written to me, advised me, helped me sometimes. The great difficulty is to obtain reliable information about Franco Sbarro's cars. My pride: being referenced by Fabian Sbarro in his book about his father Franco Sbarro.

february 2010

Sbarro Espera Genesis & Gecko - sale by Bonhams at Rétromobile



Sbarro Espera Genesis (2008) and Gecko (2009) will be saled by Bonhams at Rétromobile (Paris) 23rd January, 2010. Estimate: €18,000 - 24,000 for Genesis (lot 275) and estimate: €20,000 - 30,000 for Gecko (lot 276). These two concept cars are running, but are not approved for the road. Only Genesis was sale at €20,700.

february 2010

Sbarro Espera GT4 & Monza



Espera Montbéliard students presented their two last cars for the year 2009-2010 : two light sports cars powered by a bike engine : the barquetta GT4 and the coupé Monza.

november 2009

Citroën Sbarro Aventure



In 1986, Citroen asked Franco Sbarro to create a high performance vehicle capable of carrying 7 people, using the basic utility C15. Sbarro has built the Aventure (Adventure), a sort of van powered by the 115bhp-4 cylinder of the Visa GTI

october 2009

Sbarro Ferrari 550 Maranello large




For the majority of us, a stock Ferrari 550'll suffice. But some wanted more. Thus Franco Sbarro has designed a "large" 550 . All the informations on this Ferrari built at only two copies.

september 2009


Geneva Autoshow 2009



Back on cars exhibited at the last Geneva Motor Show.


Espera students presented two very different projects: The Gecko, a small recreational vehicle in the minds of buggies and the Impact, a sports model in the line of ESP9 designed for use on circuit.

Franco Sbarro, meanwhile, take over the development of his famous orbital wheel. He presented the Orbital hybrid, equipped with 4 orbital wheels. This model was designed with three partners (Delphi, the Fondeurs de France and the Association française de forges) that found in that vehicle an original way to be known (or recognized).

The Alcador GTB goes ahead with a new one based on 360 Modena, and LO, based on Testarossa.

Finally, in Geneva, there were two vehicles that had the honors at the Mondial de Paris and Essen 2008: the surprising Aero and the beautiful Pendocar.

april 2009


A new book by Sbarro's son : Franco Sbarro - concept cars


Version française


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