Taïpan (2024)

In March 2024, Espera Montbéliard students presented the Taïpan, a buggy named after one of the world's most venomous snakes. The Taïpan is powered by a V6 engine placed in a central rear position. Covered in a magnificent green matte paint, this buggy is certainly Spartan, but promises sensations beyond the ordinary. (read more...)

Hommage 550 (2023)

On the occasion occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Matra Simca Bagheera Club Matra d'Alsace, Espera students presented in June 2023 a modernized version of this somewhat forgotten forgotten car. Like the original, the Hommage version features three front seats, one of the Bagheera's hallmarks. Bagheera. The engine is a turbo-cylinder position, is a Peugeot-sourced 4-cylinder turbo 1.6 thp. slightly modified to produce 220 hp. (suite...)

Dilemme (2018)

100% electric prototype on the theme of single-seater racing. The 22 students in the class of 2017/2018 imagined and realized this project in 12 weeks of intense work, from drawing to rolling and functional prototype. Powered by two YASA electric motors, each rated at 100 kW and 750 Nm of torque, the vehicle is 2 m wide, 5 m long and has 19-inch wheels, this formula is made for the racetrack. (suite...)


Saviris (2022)

There'll be no Geneva Motor Show in 2022, but the students of the class of 2021-2022 presented their first prototype in Montbéliard, the Saviris small car powered by a 100 hp motorcycle engine. (suite)

10 years ago, Espera Grand Prix

In 2014, Espera students presented Grand Prix, an evocation of the Grand Prix cars of the thirties. This magnificent prototype was powered by a twelve-cylinder BMW. (read more...)


All the cars

Sbarro Stash, already 50 years old

50 years ago, Franco Sbarro presented the Stash coupé. This model, an evolution of the SV1, was produced in five examples, with a variety of Volkswagen and Mercedes engines, offering power ranging from 105 to 286 hp. One of the models was modified by Pierre Cardin, with a painted lamellar rubber interior and striped carpets. The Stash HS is a Porsche Targa-style convertible.  (read more...)

A modular electric bike

Following the cancellation of the Geneva 2020 show, Franco Sbarro was unable to to present his new projects. It was to the Vaud newspaper La région that he showed the one that was to take pride of place on his stand: a modular electric motorcycle that incorporates two two ideas already used by Sbarro: a motor in the front wheel in the front wheel and the famous hubless orbital wheel in which a helmet can be stowed. When stationary, the seat folds down and the footboard disappears. When will we be able see it "in real life": no one knows.

Sbarro Tiger

At the 1973 Geneva Motor Show, Franco Sbarro presented theSV1, the first car to make him a household name. However, there was a second car on the stand stand: the Tiger, a sports coupe with the look of a Porsche 917. The Tiger was born as a prototype at Bertone in 1968. It acquired by Sbarro, with a view to small-scale production. series. The project never came to fruition, and the car remained a one-off model. Today, the Tiger is currently being restored. Discover the details of this and rare photos of this mysterious Tiger.

Sbarro Super Eight

It's often difficult to trace Franco Sbarro's cars. Franco Sbarro's cars. In 2019 Vintage Car magazine found the Sbarro Super Eight on the Speed 8 Classics stand at last year's InterClassics Brussels. The car, with only 26,254 km, was for sale (around 100,000 euros). For more find out more, visit Vintage Car magazine.

advertising BMW 328

While researching on the web, I came across this old advertisement for Autosuisse, the Italian importer of the BMW 328 Sbarro. I found the slogan "Per pochi. Anzi, per pochissimi", or "For a few. In fact, for very few".

Sbarro El Richo (2019)

Alongside his students' creations Franco Sbarro continues to surprise with a 4-seater electric tricycle reminiscent of the Southeast Asian rickshaw..

Sbarro 4x4+2 (2018)

In 2018, Franco Sbarro presented the 4x4+2, an off-roader with a tormented and highly controversial style, based based on a first-generation Porsche Cayenne. But interest og this car is the presence of two additional non-drive wheels , which enhance the of this vehicle designed for extreme rallying.

Sbarro P4

The replica of one of the most beautiful racing cars of all time.


Reinventing the wheel !

Empty a wheel and make it still turn. No hub, just empty space. It's a perfectly thought-out idea that led Franco Sbarro to reinvent the wheel. The spectacular aspect is only a consequence. The aim was to reduce as far as possible to the ground rather than the central hub.

The orbital wheel has been fitted to three motorbikes, as well as to a spectacular car, the Osmos. Equipped with a Jaguar V12 engine with visible exhaust pipes and a spoiler positioned in the in the vacuum wheel (suite...)

What if we put the engine in the wheel !

After invented the empty orbital wheel, Sbarro is reinventing the the wheel again, but this time filling it with... a motor! (suite...)

Le châssis Dual-frame

It is to separate the dynamic structural functions (the mechanical part) from the structural functions of protection and comfort (the trim section). Between these two parts are pneumatic spheres that inflate and deflate according to road conditions or driving style. (suite...)


Discover the world of Sbarro

Franco Sbarro has built hundreds of cars since 1959. Here are a few random models to give you an idea of the Franco Sbarro's wealth of ideas..

Some images of Franco Sbarro's time at the Scuderia Filipinetti.

Le Mans, GT40, Ferrari...

How to sum up a busy life life in a few words.

Behind every great man is a woman. This adage is perfectly true of Françoise Sbarro.