Sbarro Monster G, 1987


At the 1987 Geneva Motor Show, visitors were able to discover the Sbarro stand a ... monster!


Monster G is the name of this big 4x4 landed on aircraft wheels. Few cars have been equipped, to my knowledge, with wheels of the Boeing 747 by 20 inches high and 14 inches wide! Of course, these were modified and reduced, and then slip special tires designed by Goodyear. The chassis, meanwhile, is much more conventional as it is from a Range Rover.


The Monster G is not an angel, with its apparent chrome pole, lack of doors, no hood out, the exhaust pipes and rear pick-up. Technology side, the body is entirely made of Kevlar, which was not so common in 1987 (and even today)


For the engine , Sbarro used an 8-cylinder engine from Mercedes (6.4-liter) developing a whopping 350 horses. At the time, the only 4x4 with a higher power (450 horses) was the Lamborghini LM002.


This "monstrous" all wheel drive was commissioned by a German immigrant in Los Angeles. Anecdote: if you fall down, far from all, Sbarro has placed a generator in the trunk, and a mini-motorbike to reach the nearest garage!


This is certainly not the most beautiful achievement of Sbarro, but we must recognize that the Monster G is the most impressive. When a new 4x4 at Sbarro?


text Philippe Calvet, automatic translation (so be indulgent !)




8 cylinders Mercedes-Benz
6400 cc
350 BHP
4 wheel drive
tyres & wheels
Wheels Boeing 747 20in (height) & 14in (width)



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