Sbarro Alcador, 1995


The roadster, presented at the Geneva Motor Show 1995, roll really. Students of the School Sbarro is not just a model. The project is organized around the flow of air above and below the car, resulting in some spectacular by the two pipes as an arch. Fresh air is captured in the front headlights and then directed to the back via the famous hoops to cool the engine. This one comes from a Ferrari Testarossa (as the chassis): it is a 12-cylinder boxer of 5-liter engine, pushed to 428 horses and placed in rear central position. The Alcador weigh less heavily than the Testarossa, the already strong performance become explosive.


The body seems dictated by the need cooling mechanics, with arches and huge air intakes side containing radiators as the Testarossa. Notice the absence of windscreen forcing the driver and passenger to wear a helmet.


According to the different pictures that I could find, it seems that there are at least 4 Alcador: a dark gray, a gray and two red. The gray has a wing in the exhaust pipes.


The Alcador remains for me one of the greatest achievements of Franco Sbarro.


text Philippe Calvet, automatic translation (so be indulgent !)



Engine Ferrari Boxer 12 cylinders 5 liter,

428 BHP @ 6750 rpm

50,1 mkg @ 5500 rpm

wheels 18"

tiress Dunlop SP Sport 2000

lenght 4,08 m

weight 1300 kg


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