Sbarro Can-Am 4.7 , 1969


This proto-sport, sometimes called the Can-Am, was built in 1969 by Sbarro from mechanical Ford GT40 (engine, gearbox, suspension, wheels). The car was driven at the time by Gérard Pillon, from the Scuderia Filipinetti, including participation in many races in 1970-1971 in Switzerland and Germany : victory in Lignières (Switzerland) in 1971, second place in Casablanca in 1971.


This model was for sale in early 2001 and was then in Belgium. The car has had several paintings: yellow and black for the lower body and yellow on top, and red white stripes. Two painted white wings were added on the sides before.


text Philippe Calvet, automatic translation (so be indulgent !)



1969 - F.I.A Papers - Chassis Number 001 - Weight : 650 kg - Built with Ford GT 40 Parts From Scuderia Filipinetti (Franco Sbarro Team) - Engine, Gearbox, Suspensions, Wheels from Ford GT40 .



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