Sbarro Chrono 3.5, 1990


The purpose of the Sbarro Chrono is acceleration. The aim is to reach 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds. The approach for this is simple: a light weight of 650 kg and high power of 500 bhp. The ratio weight/power is 1.3 kg per horse. Terrifying. For comparison, a Ferrari 360 Modena has ratio of 3.22 kg/horse. No comment!


To power the beast, Sbarro has chosen the BMW 6-cylinder engine of 3.5 liters of the legendary BMW M1. This fabulous engine, placed transversely at the center of the car, delivers 500 horsepower DIN (no turbo or compressor). It is coupled with a manual gearbox 5-speed. Power is transmitted to the rear wheels, pavement huge Pirelli P Zero 335-35 ZR 17. The front wheels, more modest, are content to 205-45 ZR 16. As might be expected, although such equipment tire, transmitting power to the ground at full acceleration is an art difficult to control.


The car is built around a semi-monocoque frame with composite materials. The Chrono may be regarded as a blend of both parties, including the front cockpit and the rear engine. Everything is connected by a joint that allows the engine to achieve better accessibility mechanics. Sbarro had already used such a system in 1983 on a VW Golf motor powered by a Porsche 928!


The Chrono is a roadster. It offers little protection and the tiny windshield in red plexiglass will not stop bugs. Of course, there is no roof : if it rains, just go faster ! The interior is dressed in red leather. A timer, set in the center console, is stuck on ... 3.5 seconds, of course.


And the performance ? Regarding the speed limit, nothing really special, just 200 km/h. Don't be disappointed, in France you are still considered by law as a criminal at 131 km/h. But the goal was not speed. It was the highest acceleration. That is permitted by law and the Chrono is unbeatable! At that time (1990), the approved record acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h was held by a Donkervoort with 3.85 sec! Only a Koenig Competition (Ferrari Testarossa bi-turbo 1000 horsepower) equaled the performance of the Sbarro.

You will find at any dealer motorcycle "doing" 3 seconds. And for a reasonable price. But on four wheels, nothing beats a Sbarro Chrono 3.5

text Philippe Calvet, automatic translation (so be indulgent !)





6 in ligne, 24 valves
mid engine, transversal
3498 cc (94,0 x 84,0)
500 BHP @ 9200 rpm
48 mkg @ 6500 rpm (347 lb-ft)
electronic injection
rear wheel drive
5-speed manual
lenght : 3,05 m (120,1 in.)
width : 1,87 m (73,6 in.)
height : 1,00 m (39,4 in.)
wheelbase : 2,25 m (88,6 in.)
tracks front.rear : 1,35 m/ 1,50 m (53,1 / 59,1 in.)
650 kg (1435 lb)
0 - 100 km/h (0 - 62 mph) : 3,5 s
top speed : 200 km/h (124 mph)



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