In 2012, Espera Montbéliard students presented the Eight, a modern hot rod powered by a Maserati V8. Five years later, a new hot rod has been designed and built: the Mojave, taking its name from the Californian desert.

A modern hot rod, the Mojave has undeniable presence (photography DR)

Retro yet modern

The Mojave's retro inspiration is reflected in its unbodied wheels, long hood, doors that open in the "wrong" direction, deeply recessed cockpit, virtually non-existent glass surface, and grille that even has a hole for a crank to start it. But there are plenty of modern details: the sharp angles, the ring-shaped headlights that give it an intriguing look, the large, wide wheels. The look is resolutely modern.

The side windows are almost symbolic: vision was not a priority (Velocity photograph).


The Mojave is powered by a Jaguar-sourced 4-liter V8. This block develops 294 hp, which is transmitted to the rear wheels via a BMW-sourced five-speed manual gearbox. The two-seater's composite body rests on a tubular steel chassis and weighs just 1060 kg. It rides on 20-inch wheels. The sleek, almost futuristic interior features a touchscreen and haptic controls.

The Mojave was designed and built by 24 students from Espera Montbéliard in just 64 days.
Beautiful, modern interior contrasts with the exterior (photography DR)
In brief
1- Modern Hot rod
2- Jaguar V8 engine
3- 24-64 : 24 sudents during 64 days
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