Espera Sbarro Mojave, 2017


First prototype designed by the 2016-2017 promotion, the Mojave is a hot-rod named after the Californian desert. You can find all the stylistic codes of the hot-rods : the wheels out of the body, the chassis lowered, a windscreen very low ...


But the motorization is not American, but a Jaguar V8 coming from an XJ8, developing nearly 300 hp. The car weighing only one ton, the weight-to-power ratio becomes interesting and promises great performances.


The interior is worth a look with, I quote the press release, a "dashboard incorporating functions of touch sensing and haptic feedback developed by the company Bosch, partner of this project".


The Espera students, as usual, made their car in record time, from design to construction. A magnificent concept that will surely never be homologated, but we do not care: Espera Mojave is a dream and expresses car passion.




text Philippe Calvet, april 2017. Automatic translation, so be indulgent

Photos UTBM Espera Montbéliard & Gatsby on line




engine Jaguar V8 4.0l, 294 bhp

châssis acier multitubulaire

Rear wheel drive

Gearbox 5-manual BMW

composite body

Wheels OZ Zeus 10.5×20″ et 12×20″

Tyres Michelin

Weight 1060 kg


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