The second prototype designed by the class of 2015-2016, the Arcad' evokes great raids like the Dakar and off-road adventure. And when you know which engine powers it, you can't help but dream of wide-open spaces covered at breakneck speeds.

The Arcad' is a buggy that could take part in the Dakar (Espera photo)


A 32-valve Cadillac V8 engine from a Seville Northstar, transversely positioned at the rear of the car, is rather unusual in our part of the world. Power is in the region of 270 hp, which is more than sufficient, given the Arcad's weight of just 1100 kg. Tires are BF Goodrich T/A, designed for mixed use (50% road, 50% off-road).

Cadillac V8 engine: a far cry from the Beetle engine of early buggies (photo UTBM/Espera)

Buggy spirit

The multi-tube chassis is made of steel. The Arcad' features a double-wishbone suspension in sheet metal. Fiberglass bodywork, as usual from Sbarro and Espera. The interior is very minimalist, not to say uncluttered, in keeping with the buggy spirit. Getting on board seems acrobatic. There are no doors, but the threshold is quite high.

Comfort is not the priority in the Arcad' (photo UTBM/Espera)
In brief
1- Modern buggy
2- Engine by Cadillac
3- Highly manoeuvrable off-road
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