Espera Sbarro Arcad', 2016


Second prototype conceived by the promotion 2015-2016, the Arcad' evokes the great raids as the Dakar, the adventure off-piste. The mechanics chosen is rather unusual in Europe, namely a Cadillac 32-valve V8 engine from a Seville Northstar placed transversely at the rear of the car. The power should approach 300 horsepower, which is ample enough, the Arcad is surely light enough. The tires are BF Goodrich T / A, designed for mixed use (50% road, 50% off-road)

The interior is very minimalist, not to say stripped, quite in the buggy spirit. Access on board seems acrobatic.

There remains a little mystery that I have not elucidated: why the Arcad 'bears number 14?


text Philippe Calvet, Automatic translation, so be indulgent ! december 2016.

Originals Photos by UTBM (FlickR)




engine Cadillac V8 32V Northstar, 300 hp

Rear wheel drive

Automatic gearbox

Tires BF Goodrich T/A

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