Sbarro Royale, 1979



This replica of the Bugatti Royale cost a whopping 300,000 Swiss francs in 1979! Six meters long, almost 2.5 tons, two coupled V8 Rover engines, or 16 cylinders and 340 horses. This is the car of superlatives.


It was ordered by Mr. Schnapka, a wealthy German. The car is not actually an exact replica of a Bugatti Royale, but an evocation by the combination of the wings of the Royale Binder and the cabin of the Royale Parkward.

To be closer to the original Sbarro used square head bolts typical of Bugatti. The equipment is much more modern and less nostalgic : telephone, air conditioning, bulletproof glass ...


The famous elephant of the original Bugatti Royale was replaced by the Sbarro greyhound.


text Philippe Calvet, automatic translation (so be indulgent !)




Engine : V16 (88,9 x 71,2 mm), 7064 cc, 340 BHP

Gearbox : auto

Rera wheel drive

wheels 7"x18"

dimensions : wheelbase 3,85 m ; tracks 1,62 m ; lenght 6,00 m ; height 2,05 m; width 1,90 m

weight : 2800 kg

Top speed : 180 km/h


Thanks to Thomas Wolf for the pictures



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