Citroën Onyx ZX - 1993

The first twenty-six students at Franco Sbarro's very first school, Espace Sbarro in Yverdon-les-bains, were given three projects to complete in one year: a concept car (Isatis), a sociological vehicle (Urbi) and the restyling of a production model. The Citroën ZX was chosen.

The Citroën ZX was the first car restyled by the first-year students at Espace Sbarro (photo: Swiss Aunction Company).

Simple and effective

It's out of the question for students to get carried away with unrealistic ideas. Restyling should not exceed 5% of the car's price, and should be fairly simple to install. Classically, the front and rear fascias have been redesigned. The rocker panels are more prominent, with a side strip linking the front and rear.  At the rear, a single vertical rectangular exhaust tailpipe. A reflective strip links the taillights, echoing their colors. A cap surrounds the rear window. At the front, the headlights are hidden behind a translucent veil pierced by three holes. The ZX's look is totally transformed.

The rear bumper stretches sideways to the front wheels (photo: Swiss Aunction Company)
For obvious budgetary reasons, the engine was left untouched. Ditto for the dashboard. On the other hand, the interior fabrics have been changed and are more cheerful than the original.
It's worth remembering that the students had little time to design this restyling, and what's more, they were the first to do so.
In brief
1- One of three student projects at Espace Sbarro
2- Strict specifications met
3- Citroën Switzerland was interested, but there was no follow-up.