Sbarro Tiger , 1973


Robert Jankel created in 1971 the company Panther West Winds, known primarily by the Kallista, a roadster car inspired by the 30's. The brand is working on a sports coupé, the Tiger, directly derived from the 1968 prototype Panther Bertone. The prototype had been studied at the time for the Scuderia Brescia Corse.


L'Auto Journal Spécial Salon 1968 presented the Bertone Panther as a coupé which "has a monocoque chassis type light alloy and plastic bodywork. Titanium alloy has been widely used, this which explains the relatively low weight of the whole: 650 kg. A fin stabilizer hydraulically, increases adherence to high speed, but unlike the Chaparral, its door ahead of the rear wheels. "


I don't have other information on this prototype. How it was in the hands of Robert Jankel? Has he really been marketed? What is certain is that a model has suffered in 1973 with Franco Sbarro a series of modifications and adjustments, including the removal of the famous fin. A catalog reproduced here was published at the time on the Tiger. This catalog refers to the ability to install V8 engines: Ford Boss 7033-cc, Chrysler Hemi 6980-cc, Chevrolet Mercedes 7380 cc or 6332 cc. The original box is ZF 5-speed manual transmission, but the catalog states that an automatic could be installed. Official performances seem optimistic, with 300 km/h top speed and about 4 seconds for 0-100 km/h.


What became of this car, probably a one-off? The reference book "Franco Sbarro - concepts cars" does not mention it. The 1973 catalog presented the Tiger in the form of drawings. Only photos of Sbarro's stand at the Geneva Motor Show 1973 show to the Tiger with the SV-1. These are the only documents in my possession that indicates the existence of the Tiger. If you know more about this car, do not hesitate to contact me.


text Philippe Calvet, automatic translation (so be indulgent !)






rear mid engine





ZF 5-manual


rear wheel drive

4 vented discs
front 8"x15, rear 10"x15
lenght 4,20 m ; width 1,75 m ; height 1,05 m ; wheelbase 2,40 m ; tracks 1,45 m
1050 kg

top speed

300 km/h




Principales sources : Site officiel Espera / Catalogue ACA Sbarro 1973 / Catalogue Sbarro 1991 / Auto Journal Spécial salon 1968.



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