Sbarro BMW 328 réplica, 1974


The Sbarro 328 Replica was presented in 1974 at the Geneva Motor Show. Thanks to it, Franco Sbarro became for many people a real manufacturer. The 328 is certainly the most important model in the range of vehicles designed and built by Sbarro.


history: 1936

The original BMW 328 was launched in 1936. Designed from the outset as a model of competition, it was intended to give a sports brand to BMW. Equipped with a 6-cylinder 2-liter developing 80 horsepower, this roadster has proved to be both effective and enduring, as evidenced by its good performance in the 24 hours of Le Mans. Produced at 462 copies, the 328 remains a rare, highly prized by collectors.


The Sbarro 328 Standard

The aura of the 328 and its rarity led Sbarro produce a replica. The idea is to recall the feeling of the time, in a similar body, but without the disadvantages of maintaining an old car. Sbarro, to remain faithful to the original model, was oriented toward BMW engines. The BMW brand proposed in 1974 excellent and performant engines. 4-cylinder engines of the basic model, ie Standard, were therefore the range of 1602-2002 BMW ti. With a power of 85 bhp (1602 engine), 90 bhp (engine 1802), 100 bhp (2002 engine) or 130 bhp (engine ti 2002). The 6-cylinder BMW série 5 could also be fitted to the 328 (from 150 to 200 bhp). The selection was vast. The same was true for the transmissions. The chassis was, to quote the catalog of the era, a "framework tubular section with large areas side crash safety (sandwich) drowned in a two-piece polyester". The suspensions come from BMW. Brakes are front disc and rear drum. The disc brakes on all 4 wheels, however, are offered as an option.


With 3.70 m, the car is slightly shorter than the original 1936 version (3.90 m). The wheelbase and width are identical. The seats are molded into the hull or individual and adjustable upon request. The body, of course, appeal to poyester (it is a trademark for Sbarro). Through the many options and features changed at the request of the customer, each car produced is unique. I have so far not found a reliable and accurate data available for each model at the time.



The Sbarro 328 America

For all those who did not want a exact copy of the original 328, Sbarro proposed a more opulent, aimed essentially an American clientele, hence the name America. The wheelbase is stretched by 15 cm to 16 cm channels, allowing a more spacious and comfortable car. The interior is full leather dashboard with walnut border.

The basic mechanics came from the BMW 525. The engine is a 6-cylinder in-line, developing at least 145 bhp. This model is equipped with 4 disc brakes and aluminum wheels.

The Sbarro 328 Speciale

La Sbarro 328 Spéciale is the final stage of the 328 Replica. Extended body and large wheels give it a more aggressive look, more distant from the original. The entire range of BMW engine is used. The Special 328 is available from the 4-cylinder 2002 85 bhp to the 6 cylinder 3.3 liter 190 horsepower. A turbo version (4 or 6 cylinder?) had even existed, developing 245 bhp!



A great machine

The 328 Sbarro Replica is one of the most beautiful car made by Franco Sbarro. This car could be both an exact replica of the pre-war model, unpretentious sports, or a powerful model modernized. Everybody could find his car, which explains the success of this model that Franco Sbarro has produced for 10 years.


text Philippe Calvet, automatic translation (so be indulgent !)




328 Standard

328 America

328 Speciale


4 cylinders BMW 1602 & 2002 ti oo 6 cylinders BMW


front longitudinal  


1573 cc (84 x 71 mm) (engine 1602)

2494 cc (86 x 71,6 mm)

3295 cc (89 x 88,4 mm)

1 carburator inversé

2 carburatorrs



85 BHP @ 5700 rpm (engine 1602)

145 BHP (base version)

  190 BHP @ 5500 rpm


13,2 mkg @ 3500 rpm (engine 1602)

21,2 mkg @ 4000 rpm (base version)

  29,5 mkg @ 3500 rpm


rear wheel drive  


4 ou 5 manual



750 kg (estimation)

900 kg (estimation)



6"x15 (7" et 8" on ask)




front discs & rear drum (Standard), 4 discs (option on Standard, sérial on other models)


Standard : lenght 3,7 m ; width 1,53 m; wheelbase 2,4 m ; track front & rear 1,45 m / America : idem except lenght 3,85 m ; wheelbase 2,55 m ; track front & rear 1,61 m /

Speciale : idem except width (na)

top speed

from 190 to 250 km/h


100 (estimation) with 20 (estimation) exported to USA

Note: no Sbarro 328 were identical, so the specifications above are indicative and only partially reflect reality.



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