Sbarro Stash , 1974


The Stash, a successful evolution of SV1


In 1974, Sbarro present at the Geneva Motor Show its latest creation: the Stash. This three-seater coupe has been designed on the basis of SV1 with a more harmonious design. Two body styles are offered: coupé or cabriolet (targa type), the latter being called HS.


The chassis, similar to the SV1, consists of a central beam connected to a tubular frame and a reinforced roll cage doubled, all drowned in two polyester cage. Braking is provided by four discs. Sprinklers can be fitted on request. Note the presence of two luggage carrier, one in front (290 liters) the other at the rear (140 liters), offering a rare ability in this body style.


Abandoning the rotary engine of the SV1, the Stash is available with several engines. The first comes from Volkswagen, a 4-cylinder 1.8-liter K70 developing 105 DIN hp or turbo 147 hp. The second is from Mercedes 450 SE. In the latter case, the registry Stash change and no longer in the same category. The 6.9-liter V8 is twice as powerful as the VW block, with 286 horses. It seems that Stash has been equipped with a Porsche engine and another for a 6-cylinder engine BMW 3 liters. I have unfortunately no confirmation for these two engines.

Such powers could lead to smile today, but we must remember that at the time an Alpine A110 developed 95 horses, a Ferrari 308 just 255 horses! The Stash is far from being under powered, even in 4-cylinder version. The version 6.9 equipped with the Mercedes reached 240 km/h, from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.4 seconds. Or roughly the performance of a Ferrari 308.



Pierre Cardin and the Sbarro Stash


In 1975, the famous couturier Pierre Cardin has proposed its version of the Stash at the Salon de Paris. The changes on this model are mainly the interior (outside only the signature "Pierre Cardin" appears on the side in a blue banner). The dashboard is now rubber lamellaire painted, seats and carpets are decorated with stripes. VW mechanics is unchanged. The Stash Cardin is a version for finishing different, more luxurious. But Pierre Cardin suggested that he had participated in the design of the car, not just remodeled the interior. Franco Sbarro didn't appreciate the couturier's method! Nevertheless, the Stash and Cardin are associated for many.



The Stash, the unknown car!


We can not talk about the creation of Sbarro in terms of production figures. Only 5 of the Stash copies have been sold. The car has, as Sbarro said himself, "a beautiful appearance, it is convenient and relatively cheap." The Stash is unknown and did not broadcast it would have deserved. It is very difficult to know what these rare cars have become today.



text Philippe Calvet, automatic translation (so be indulgent !)






 in-line 4 cylinders VW K70

V8 (Mercedes-Benz 450 SE)


mid engine longitudinal  


1807 cc (82 x 75 mm)

6834 cc (107 x 95 mm)

 6834 cc (107 x 95 mm)

1 carburator horizontal à double corps

1 carburator horizontal à double corps + 1 turbocompresseur



105 BHP @ 5800 rpm

147 BHP @ 5900 rpm

 286 BHP @ 4250 rpm




 56,1 mkg @ 3000 rpm


rear wheel drive    


4-speed manual

 4-speed auto


1050 kg


 1300 kg (estimation)


4 freins à disques    


lenght 3,83 m ; width 1,90 m ; height 1,15 m  ; wheelbase 2,65 m ; tracks front 1,42 m ; rear 1,60 m  

top speed

190 km/h


 240 km/h

0 to 100 km/h



 6,4 s





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