The brief was very simple: to build an all-terrain single-seater, in the spirit of the Ariel Nomad (even if the latter is a two-seater).

A true all-rounder, the Dune is not afraid to get dirty (photo by Thomas Rudi)

All terrain

It took the 24 students at Espera Montbéliard just 41 days to design and build this astonishing prototype. The engine, taken from a Chrysler Vision, develops just over 200 hp for just 780 kg.

Long wheel travel for the 17-inch wheels. The engine is a Chrysler V6 (photo by Thomas Rudi)


The Dune, with its old-fashioned six-cylinder engine and mechanical gearbox, is completely out of step with the times. And that's just as well. It's gone a little unnoticed, having never been presented at a motor show. It's a pity, because it's well worth the detour.

In brief
1- Off-road single-seater
2- Six-cylinder Chrysler engine
3- Presented in June 2019 for the Espera graduation ceremony