Ferrari 550 Maranello large - 2002

In the early 2000s, the Ferrari 550 Maranello represented an unattainable pinnacle for most enthusiasts. With its classic design - front-engine, rear-wheel drive - and outstanding performance, the 550 could be used on a daily basis without too many constraints. However, owning such a car is not enough for everyone! One 550 Maranello owner approached Franco Sbarro with a request to rework his car's plastic appearance. To put it briefly, the aim was to enlarge the Ferrari while retaining its homogeneity.

Two examples of the Sbarro 550 were built (here the second) (Swiss Auction Company photograph).

Width: 2.08 m

Riveting putty-covered fender extensions was out of the question! Instead, we stripped the car down to its roof and hood, and fitted it with a polyester outfit that retained its original lines, but was much wider! As proof, the rear width increases from 1.94 m (which is far from ridiculous) to 2.08 m, a total of 14 cm more. As for the front, it's widened by "only" 12 cm. For proof of the work done, just look at the door handles, which seem to be sunken into the bodywork.

The first model was fitted with a six-tailpipe Ansa exhaust system (photo by Dingo for Option Auto).

Unique bodywork

From the front, the two lips of the spoiler frame the car, in pure DTM championship style. On the first of the two examples, the inside of the headlights is painted body color (originally black), as on the 575M, the more recent version of the 550. Later, the black was apparently reinstalled. Two air intakes have been inserted in the front hood (the photographs in Option Auto n°133 show the hood without these two intakes, which were added after the fact). Few changes at the front, then, if we disregard the extra 12 cm.
The rear end, on the other hand, is no slouch. Sbarro has designed an impressive skirt with six exhaust outlets (Ansa) (four for the second model built). The sight of the 550 Sbarro's stern leaves even the most jaded stunned. The spoiler is different on both models. Purists and other tiffosi may cry blasphemy, but it fits in well with the philosophy of this "wide" Maranello.
Despite the enlargement, the styling remains homogeneous. The Ferrari logos have been retained (Swiss Auction Company photograph).

Made to measure

In terms of curiosities, the car is fitted with 19-inch wheels, with three-piece OZ Superleggera custom rims (two of which have been welded together, I don't know why). The tires are Michelin Pilot Sport, 255/35 ZR 19 at the front and 345/30 ZR 19 at the rear. Don't look for them in the Michelin catalog, they were made to measure and, for the record, were worth 915 euros apiece at the time! And while we're on the subject of financial details, the kit for this 550 went on sale for 60,000 euros (car not included!). And for added exclusivity, Franco Sbarro specifies that he can make it in Kevlar. If you're going to do it, do it right...
The interior remains original (Swiss Auction Company photograph).

Haute couture for a diva

Franco Sbarro's Ferrari 550 Maranello "large" is a model of its kind. Although the car has been extensively modified, it has retained its homogeneity. The work carried out is considerable and the finish seems exemplary, which is not always the case, contrary to what one might think. The "craziest" would have wished for a mechanical preparation to match the ramage, but the original V12 is, in my opinion, more than sufficient for road use (the Swiss police don't take too kindly to speeding). To conclude, I'll use the title of Option Auto n°133: "Haute couture for a diva".

In brief
1- Ferrari 550 Maranello base
2- Completely rebuilt bodywork
3- The first model was destroyed in an accident