Sbarro 550 Maranello large, 2002


The Ferrari 550 Maranello for many car lovers is inaccessible, a classic supercar, front-engine, propulsion, but you can use it daily without undue constraints. However, owning such a car is not enough for everyone! So an owner wanted a redesign 550 Maranello : and herre come Franco Sbarro. The owner wanted a "large" version. Therefore no question of riveting extensions of wings covered with putty! The work here was to strip the 550, which retains only the roof and hood, and enlarge the width! For proof, going back width of 1.94 m (which is far from being ridiculous) to 2.08 m, 14 cm longer in total. The front is expanded to "only" 12 cm. To be convinced of work, just look at the door handles that seem to penetrate into the body.


At the f ront, we note the two spoiler lips that frame the car, in the style of the DTM championship. On the first car prepared by Sbarro the headlights interior is painted body color (black origin) as the 575M, the latest version of 550. Therefore little change in front, if we do not take into account the additional 12 cm. However, the back does not go into detail. Sbarro has designed a skirt impressive six exhausts (Ansa). The vision of the stern of the 550 Sbarro left stunned even the most jaded. Purists and other tiffosi may cry blasphemy, but it fits in well with the philosophy of the Maranello "large".

The car is equipped with 19-inch wheels with custom rims OZ Superleggera in three parts (two of which were welded together, I do not know why). Tires are Michelin Pilot Sport, with 255/35 ZR 19 in front and ... 345/30 ZR 19 in back. Do not look in the Michelin catalog, these envelopes have been made to measure and worth 915 euros each! And as we speak money, the 550 kit was sold at a price of 60,000 euros (car not included!). And for more exclusive, Franco Sbarro said that he can achieve Kevlar.


The Franco Sbarro's "wide" Ferrari 550 Maranello, though deeply amended, has kept its homogeneity. The work is considerable and the finish seemed exemplary, which is not always the case, contrary to what one might think. The most "crazy" would have liked a tune engine, but the original V12 is, in my opinion more than enough for road use (the Swiss police do not really laughing with speeding).


text Philippe Calvet, automatic translation (so be indulgent !)




  Sbarro Ferrari 550 Maranello "large", 2002


V12, 2x2 ACT, 4 valves/cylinder


front longitudinal


5474 cc


485 BHP @ 7000 rpm

6 Exhaust Ansa


rear-wheel drive


6-speed manual


4 discs


Michelin Pilot Sport - front : 255/35 ZR 19 ; rear : 345/30 ZR 19


OZ Superleggera 19" 3 parts




lenght : 4,55 m (estimation) ; width : 2,08 m ; height : 1,25 m ; wheelbase : 2,50 m


1700 kg (estimation)

top speed

320 km/h (estimation)


2, but the first one was destroyed




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