Sbarro Daimler limousine, 2002


Franco Sbarro is someone much more discreet than the cars he produces. He presents some models of its creation each year at the Geneva show, with Espera student's cars. But there are cars that are almost hidden, which we never hear. The Daimler limousine is the perfect example. We know it exists because of the few poor quality photos found on the net, but the customer who ordered this transformation certainly did not want to talk about it. The car was however showed at the Essen motor show in 2013, 11 years after its creation.


What do we know about this limousine ? Not much ! According to the legend of a tiny picture in the book "Franco Sbarro / Concept cars" , it is a Daimler. The rear lights indicate it is a XJ8 . Franco Sbarro has lengthened the wheelbase between the rear wheels and doors, so as to provide a very large rear compartment. The roof is surelevated, the car is widden. Sbarro "stuck" his body kit on the original doors, which explains the unsightly indentation at the door handles to the rear. The body kit is typically tuning-inspired.


The front is unrecognizable. Exit the four round headlights and traditional grille. The car adopts a flat hood, headlights under Plexiglas. Front looks like a big sports coupe. The whole is not the most graceful, as often with limousines. The best place to try this type of car is inside, at the rear seats. Unfortunately, no pictures are available.


Text © Philippe Calvet, december 2013. Automatic translation.

Photographies found on the web by Thomas Wolf




No technical data known, but we can suppose the characteristics common to Daimler 2002 are retained :

Engine V8, front logitudinal

Rear wheel drive

gearbox 5-auto


French version