Daimler limousine - 2002

Franco Sbarro is much more discreet than the cars he makes. He's not much for publicity, and doesn't seek the headlines. Every year, he presents a few of his own creations at the Geneva Motor Show, on the same stand as his students from the Espera school. Some of them, like this Daimler limousine, go almost unnoticed..

The tail lights are the only thing that makes a Daimler recognizable.


According to the caption on a tiny photo in the book "Franco Sbarro / Concept cars", this is a Daimler. The taillights indicate an XJ8. Franco Sbarro has lengthened the wheelbase between the rear wheels and the doors, to create a very large rear compartment. Total length is now six meters. The roof was raised and the car widened. Sbarro "glued" its polyester body kit to the original doors, which explains the unsightly indentation at the rear door handles. The car is encircled by a tuning-style rocker panel.

The car is very long, for the benefit of the passengers in the rear, who should not be short of space.

Passengers are king

The front end is unrecognizable. Gone are the four round headlights and the traditional grille. The car has a flat hood and Plexiglas headlights. From the front, it looks like a big, sporty coupé. The overall effect is not the most graceful, as is often the case with limousines. The best place to judge this type of car is inside, in the rear seats. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any photographs.

I don't know who commissioned this Daimler. The limousine is now on display at the Musée de Verdon.

In brief
1- Limousine based on Daimler V8
2- Polyester body kit
3- Six meters long