Espera Grand Prix, 2014


Espera Grand Prix is a tribute to racing cars of the 30s, a very long body, with a huge bonnet and four exposed wheels. The car is low, wide and yet narrow in the cockpit. A visual success.


Mechanical, it's all classic : Grand Prix is rear wheel drive, with a BMW V12 engine developing 300 horsepower. No hybridization or electricity as in the previous concept of the 2013-2014 promotion, Sparta.


Inside, however, the latest embedded technologies are present with two touch pads (one for navigation and one for entertainment) and a hands-free kit and a smartphone. Unusual small detail: the central driving position (the car is a monoplace) with console placed between the legs of the driver. Note the beautiful old aspect for this fully integrated into the car seat.


Grand Prix was built in only 45 days (from design to final car). An extremely short time, typical of Espera school, that did not stop 27 students treat in detail this running prototype. Grand Prix was exhibited at the Mondial de l'Automobile 2014 in Paris on the Orange stand.


Text © Philippe Calvet, octobre 2014. Automatic translation.

Sources : website Espera, utbm.




Engine : V12 BMW, 300 hp

Rear wheel drive

Automatic gearbox

Body in composites

Multitubular steel frame

Weight 1050 kg

Wheels 10.5 x 20 inches

Tyres AV 295/30/20 - AR 305/35/20


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