Sbarro Jaclyn, 2013


Jaclyn is simply the owner's surname, an rich american's daughter living near Neugchâtel, Switzerland, near Franco Sbarro's factory. He choose this gift for her : a Jaguar XK-based roadster, entirely modified by Sbarro


First surprise : no roof, not even a symbolic one. So it's a pure roadster, a "flase cabriolet with targa and no rear window" sayed Sbarro himself. However there are two (little) places at the rear. Lamborghini-style doors are always impressive, with rear mirrors articulated at the top of the windscreen. All the body parts were painted by Carrosserie Senn in Neufchâtel : it took 100 hours to do the work.


Second surprise : the engine was replaced by a Ford V8 Supercharged (Ford GT40 used an equivalent one), with around 400 bhp.


Jaclyn is an intresting car, with a philosophy like the SL roadster unveiled in 2004, but with a better look. I hope Jaclyn (the owner) will use her car : Nothing is more sad than a car staying in a garage.


Text © Philippe Calvet, november 2013




engine : Ford V8 Supercharged, 400 hp

Rear wheel drive

gearbox : auto

body in polyester


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