For his fortieth Geneva show, Franco Sbarro didn't receive a gift, but he did give one to a 26-year-old woman, Jaclyn, who now has a unique car to her name.

The openwork doors are hinged to the top of the windshield, level with the mirrors.

Personalized gift

Jaclyn is simply the first name of the owner of this special vehicle prepared by Franco Sbarro and presented at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. The car was given to her by her father, a wealthy American living near Neufchâtel - in other words, a neighbor of Franco Sbarro.

Car enthusiasts will have quickly spotted that the car in question is based on a Jaguar XK, especially when viewed from the rear. Sbarro started with an XK convertible and rebodied the whole car.
Door sill with Jaclyn's name and an elbow rest above the gear lever, as on the 2004 Tornado.

New bodywork

The first surprise is the absence of a roof. Not even a symbolic soft top. It's a roadster through and through, "a fake convertible with a targa hoop and no rear window", as Sbarro himself describes it. The car still retains two (small) rear seats. The "elytra" doors still make an impact, especially with the large glass section that surrounds the door. The mirrors act as hinges on the top of the windscreen. Most of the bodywork is in polyester, and took around a hundred hours to paint (subcontracted to the Senn body shop in Neufchâtel).
Despite the taillight covers, the Jaguar XK used as a base is clearly recognizable.

New engine

A second, much less visible surprise: the engine is no longer original. In place of the Jaguar engine, Franco Sbarro has installed a Ford Supercharged V8, similar to the Ford GT40 engines. Power output is around 400 hp.

The Jaclyn is an interesting car, close to the philosophy of the SL roadster presented in 2004, but much more successful aesthetically. Let's hope that Jaclyn (the owner) was pleased with her gift, and above all... that she used it. There's nothing sadder than a car that doesn't run.
In brief
1- Jaguar XK base
2- 400 hp Ford V8 engine
3- No roof or soft top