Sbarro Espera React'ev, 2013


In 2012, Espera unveiled Intencity, a full-electric sports-car. One year later, the Espera students showed React'ev at the 2013 Geneva Autoshow, second project of the 2012-2013 promotion and the first hybrid car made by the school.


At first sight, technically, the React'ev could deceived. Hybridation isn't a new invention and the thermic engine isn't in his early youth : a 210cv V6-Peugeot with a 5-manual gearbox.

But the aim isn't to innovate : Reatc'ev was entirely conceived and built in 13 weeks only. And it's a reliable road car. Espera proved it by the participation, just after Geneva show, in the 14th Rallye Monte Carlo of New Energies from 20 to 24 march 2013. Only two problems arrived to the car during the Rallye: a petrol escape (soon repaired) and two breaking dampers ! The car finished the rallye. All these problems don't implicate student's work. It's important to say it. Motorisation was reliable and the car support very well the rallye roads. React'ev take only 9h45 from Annecy-le-vieux to Monaco, that's to say 460 km of mountain public roads with no problem. A remarkable performance when you know the car was conceived in only 13 weeks by students !

The React'ev is not only reliable, but also a beautiful classic car.


Every year, Espera made extraordinary cars. But nobody cares. You don't see these cars in magazines. In Geneva, journalists are only interested by hybrid hypercars (McLaren P1, Ferrari LaFerrari), certainly important cars, but too far from reality. React'ev will not mark car History (with big H) and will remain unknow from the majority of car lovers. But because of its conception and its participation in Monte Carlo Rallye, Reatc'ev is one of the most important Espera cars.


Texte © Philippe Calvet, march 2013 (sorry for my poor english!)- Pictures © UTBM, 2013

Sources : Prospectus Espera Geneva 2013, UTBM, Facebook Espera.




Engine : V6 PSA, 210 cv, transverse mid-engine

Rear wheel drive

gearbox : 5-manual


Two electric motors DC Brushless 2x100 kW (2x750 Nm)

Transmission : 1 moteur in each front wheel without sans reductor

Battery LFP - 24 kWh


Bdy : fiberglass (mirrors in fiber flax)

Wheels OZ racing Ultraleggera

Tyres Bridgestone Potenza 305/35 ZR 20


French version