The Miglia, Espera's twelfth prototype since setting up in Montbéliard, is inspired by the racing cars that took part in the famous Italian Mille Miglia race. This tribute to this legendary race follows on from the Sbarro Mille Miglia presented by Franco Sbarro a few years ago..

Unique, retro-inspired styling with a modern edge (photograph by The Automobilist)

Italian inspiration, German mechanics

Although the Miglia is reminiscent of a 1957 Ferrari Testarossa, its 320 hp engine is a Porsche V8 from a 928, placed at the front of the car. Weight is limited to 1050 kg, which promises high performance. This low weight is due in part to the composite bodywork. The Miglia offers two seats, but the passenger seat can be covered with a panel, transforming the Miglia into a single-seater.

A panel can be installed on the passenger seat. Note the small windscreen, for the pilot only (DR photo).

Composites 21

As always at Espera, the car was designed and built in just a few weeks, by students in the 2014-2015 class. This was their second project with the Aria. The names of these 26 students are inscribed on the Miglia's dashboard, facing the passenger. The Miglia was exhibited at the 2015 Essen Motor Show.

It's not an Italian V12, but a Porsche V8 that powers the Miglia (Photo: Sellerie des Cimes)
In brief
1- Magnificent sports car
2- Inspired by the Mille Miglia cars
3- 320 hp Porsche V8
Main sources
1- Various websites