Sbarro Mille Miglia, 2005


Twelve. Twelve concept cars made by Espera students since the school arrived at Monbéliard, France. The Miglia is a tribute to the famous race, Mille Miglia. Franco Sbarro himself unveiled too a car name Sbarro Mille Miglia, some years ago.


Even if the Miglia seems to be inspired by a Ferrari Testarossa 1957, the enfine is provided by Porsche (V8, 320 chevaux, from a 928). With just 1050 kg, performances are high.


The body is in composite. You can hide the passenger seat.


The Miglia was conceived a assembled in just few weeks only and was exposed in Essen in november 2015.


text Philippe Calvet, automatic translation (so be indulgent !)




Engine : V8 Porsche – 320cv

Automatic gearbox

Mutitubular frame

Weight : 1050kg

Wheels : OZ Leggera hlt, tyres Michelin


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