Calao - 1998

Aleisure vehicle based on the Citroën Berlingo, the Calao is the ideal vehicle for windsurfers, with side slots for boards and roof bars for masts and sails. The absence of roof and doors reinforces the playful side of this resolutely joyful machine.

This Berlingo Calao, heir to the famous Citroën Mehari (photo by Dingo), is all about leisure.

Mehari spirit

In spirit, the Berlingo Calao refers to the Citroën Mehari or the Mini Moke. In collaboration with Citroën, the students from Espera Pontarlier spent three months designing a Berlingo that had been radically transformed: no roof, no doors, a central roll bar, large pockets, asymmetrical design, modular seat, polyester bodywork.
The original Berlingo has been completely cut up. Rigidity is ensured by hoops (photo Lionel Vadam)
In brief
1- Leisure vehicle based on the Ciroën Berlingo
2- Inspired by the Citroën Mehari
3- Radical transformation