Crisalys competition - 1998

The Crisalys coupé was designed at Peugeot's request. One of its key features is its retractable hardtop roof. Students at Espace Sbarro in Switzerland found time to extrapolate a competition version, which loses its famous retractable roof in favor of a conventional roof topped by an air intake.  The headlamps have also disappeared, deemed useless on the racetrack. Unlike the road version, two small red-painted rear-view mirrors have been added. Much more visible, the enormous rear spoiler transforms the car.

Perhaps for lack of time, the competition version of the Crisalys remained at the stage of a non-driving model.

A mock-up that unfortunately didn't end up on the road
In brief
1- Competition version of the Crisalys
2- Numerous modifications: spoiler, air intake on the roof, no retractable roof...
3- Non-running model