Sbarro Dominique 3

In April 1968, Franco Sbarro founded ACA, l'Atelier de Construction Automobile, in a former cigarette factory. The very first ACA model was the Dominique III coupé.

A sporty line dominated by a huge spoiler.

The beginnings of the ACA

Dominique III is a low-slung sports car powered by the Ford GT40 V8. The car's special cooling system, inspired by that of the Formula 5000, required radiators to be placed high up in the low-pressure zone.

Produced in a single unit, it was ordered by London-based Pierre-Yves Mourgues-d'Algues. In October 1968, Franco Sbarro himself delivered the car by road to England. For the record, the paintwork on the car's hood was damaged during the journey, leaving Franco Sbarro embarrassed on his arrival in London. It was during this trip that Franco Sbarro paid a visit to Eric Broadley, designer of the Lola and Ford GT40. Broadley was so impressed by the Dominique III that Sbarro took the opportunity to suggest that Broadley design a road version of the Lola T70 MkIII. This was to be delivered in just three months, for the London Racing Car Show in January 1969. But that's another story.
A massive rear end that doesn't yet have a spoiler.

The Dominique III was initially painted in English green, then white. For the record, the first name Dominique was that of the buyer's fiancée, and the number three referred to the third car designed by Franco Sbarro, the first two being the Filipinetti 1 and Filipinetti 2.

In brief
1- First model designed at ACA, Sbarro's third prototype
2- The Dominique 3 impressed Eric Broadley
Main sources
1- brochure ACA
2- bokk "Franco Sbarro / concept cars" by Fabian Sbarro