Coupé Filipinetti 1, 1965



Six years after its first prototype, Franco Sbarro, then chief engineer in the famous Scuderia Filipinetti, designs and manufactures a elegant and classic coupé. The car is directly inspired by the VW Karman Ghia. The engine is a VW 1600 cc. The weight does not exceed 800 kg which allows the car to reach the respectable speed of 160 km/h (the VW Karman : 145 km/h). The interior is rather cozy.


The model has evolved over time: the front door now appears open fully from the grille, while on the first photos, the opening is only half-hood. Perhaps due to an accident that Franco Sbarro had with the Filipinetti 1, which was forced to redo the front bodywork.


The car was bought by Franco Sbarro to the Filipinetti family.


text Philippe Calvet, automatic translation (so be indulgent !)



Engine VW 1600 cc, weight 800 kg, top speed160 km/h.



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