Sbarro Espera ES-13 Flèche Rouge, 2013


2012-2013 Espera student's last project, ES-13 Flèche Rouge (Red Arrow) is a barquetta in the style of 24 heures du Mans race cars. It was unveiled during the graduation day on 29 june 2013.

ES-13 Flèche Rouge takes an aviation look, with a front like a plane reactor and the "wings" on. Batmobile style is topical, with tortured lines and mate paint with some bright dark parts. Triangulars shapes remind Lamborghini.

The engine is a classic 4 cylinders (unliked the precedent car, React'Ev) from a Citroën DS3, in rear transverse central position centrale. With only 900 kg, 156 cv are amply sufficient.


Text © Philippe Calvet, july & december 2013 - Pictures © Espera, 2013

Sources : Facebook Espera, website L'est Républicain.




Engine : 4 in-line cylinders (from Citroën, DS3), 1,6 liter, 156 cv, rear central transverse position

Rear wheel drive

6-manual gearbox

body in fiberglass and carbon

900 kg


French version