Flèche Rouge ES-13

The Flèche Rouge ES-13 is a sporty barquette that would not look out of place at the start of an endurance race, such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans. It was presented at the Espera school graduation ceremony on June 29, 2013, in Montbéliard.

The Red Arrow in its element, on a circuit (Espera photo)


The car's styling is a nod to aviation, with a front end reminiscent of a jet engine turbine and "wings" on top. So the "Batmobile" aspect is still relevant. The matte orange-red color, highlighted with gloss black, harmonizes well with the car's tortured lines. Triangular shapes are found throughout. The body is made of composite materials (fiberglass and carbon). The car weighs just 900 kg.

Race atmosphere in the Flèche Rouge coclkpit (Ammoprod photo)

47 days

The powertrain remains very classic, and does not use hybridization like the React'Ev. The engine is a four-cylinder taken from a Citroën DS3 and installed in a transverse rear mid-engine position. With only 900 kg to propel, the 156 hp are more than sufficient. At the start of the Espera adventure in Montbéliard, students were working on variations of the ESP9: I don't know if this is the case with the ES-13.

The car was designed and built by thirty trainees in just 47 days.
ES for Espera, 13 for 2013 (photography Ammoprod)
In brief
1- Sporty roadster
2- Unique styling
3- Small engine, small weight