Sbarro Espera Evoluzione, 2011

Unveiled at the Geneva show in March 2011, the Espera Sbarro Evoluzione is the result of only four months of work for the students of Franco Sbarro's school.

The lines are very aggressive, with sharp edges inspired by the Lamborghini Reventon. The design is not based on harmony, but on visual shock. Especially in this mate gray in vogue these days. The car has two parts: the front with its huge spoiler very detached at ground level, forming a gaping air intake, which recalls the Speed'R presented in Paris in 2010 ; and the rear with the engine block, visible like a motorcycle. The tubular chassis painted in red seems to link these two parts.


The Evoluzione can accommodate three people. The driver is installed in a Recaro bucket in the center of the car and passengers from each side of the rear: like a McLaren F1. Facing him, a minimalist instrument panel, with a central rev counter like a Porsche.

The engine might seem a weak point of the Evoluzione: only 180 horsepower, while sportscars with over 500 horsepower are common today. But the weight of the car (800 kg) is enough low to keep the driving experience clearly present.


The students of Espera were divided into two groups to create this car: one group worked on the mechanical part, the other on design. For the next concept car, the roles will be reversed.


No roof, pilot in central position, exposed engine, exhaust in high position, aggressive design: the Evoluzione evokes a sports motorcycle on four wheels. With Speed'R, presented by his side, it is a magnificent proof of the quality of the work of the school Espera.


text Philippe Calvet, automatic translation (so be indulgent !)




Engine Audi 4 cylinders 1,8 l turbocompressed, 180 bhp, rear mid-engine

Rear wheel drive

multitubular frame

glassfiber body

tires Michelin Pilot Sport 235/30/20 front, 265/30/20 rear

wheels OZ 20"
Weight : 800 kg


French version