Sbarro Espera Supercharged 11, 2011


Espera Supercharged 11 is an interpretation of Lotus or Caterham Seven. A minimalist, light, very low sports car, motorized by a powerful engine, for unknown sensations in most of the modern cars, even the most prestigious. The concept of "Light is right" in all his magnificence. But did the students of Espera go too far? 326 horses for 850 kg gives 2,6 kg/bhp, equivalent to that of Ferrari 458 two times as powerful! Few persons are capable of driving such a machine. But admit that that tempts to settle down in this green cockpit, even if there is no protection against the rain, the wind, the sun, the insects... To see front wheels moving and turning is a unique experience, which it would be necessary to live at least once in its life. And because we are not selfish, we can take a passenger !


Technically, Supercharged 11 is classic: engine (by Jaguar) with compressor in front central position, automatic gearbox, rear wheel drive... No particular innovation, but we do not ask it to be at the tip of the technique. Just to be effective. For the body, as usual, Espera used the fiberglass to conceive an assymetric car, with a small back vertical aileron which calls back Jaguar D-type.


Supercharged is not certainly approved for the road, but I would like very much seeing it evolving on a circuit. I drem about a big show with the most representative of the Espera prototypes, in action, at Le Mans or Magny-Cours during Classic Days. I dream...


text Philippe Calvet, 2013. Automatic translation (so be indulgent !)





Sbarro Espera Supercharged 11- 2011


6-cylinders in-line supercharged, 3200 cc (from a Jaguar XJR6)

front central longitudinal

326 ch


rear wheel drive


4 auto


glass fiber

850 kg
wheels & tyres

OZ Ultraleggera HLT 19', Pirelli P Zero


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