Sbarro Two For 100, 2011


Ecology among carmakers is in vogue in recents years. Electric concept cars and hybrids prorotypes can ne counted by the dozen every autoshow. Unfortunately, they don't reply completly to questions raised by traffic pollution. Franco Sbarro had designed an electric car in 1977, the Pilcar, at a time when exploring the way electricity was only a fad of engineers and researchers.


Today, Sbarro seems to give less credit to electricity and focuses its work around three axes: the reduction of weight, the adoption of smaller engines and aerodynamic.

Two For the 100, presented in Geneva in 2011, answer to these criteria: the weight is limited to about 500 kg, the engine has a displacement of 600 cm3 and the car can run either in the down position to improve the aerodynamics and performance, either in the up position for improved visibility in the city where aerodynamics is less important. All that to obtain a theoretical consumption of 2 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers, hence the name of the car.


What surprised the visitors of the Geneva Motor Show is the design of the Two For 100, far below the usual criteria. Very short (3.5 m), it is equipped with a bubble-shaped cockpit that allows a 360° panoramic view. The eternal gibes, which Franco Sbarro must be used, have overshadowed the technical side of the car. Unfortunaletly ! Two For The 100 is an interesting concept, which is nothing revolutionary, but which provides a synthesis of what could be in mass production to make the car cleaner, without resorting to expensive technology.


Two for the 100 innovates in its wheels, made entirely in polycarbonate. So they are light and transparent. A system already seen on the Pendocar in 2008.


Two for the 100 is an unusual creation that offers a different vision of the car. Lista Office ordered the car, like others Sbarro during last years (LO, Autobau).


text Philippe Calvet, automatic translation (so be indulgent !)





Sbarro Two For 100 - 2011


3 cylinders turbo

rear mid-engined

600 cc


45 hp


lenght 3,5 m / width 1,66 m



500 kg environ

2 liter / 100km


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