The Sbarro Espera GT4 is a sports car built in parallel with the Monza coupé, sharing its technical characteristics. The two models were built at the same time by two separate teams of Espera Montbéliard students in the second quarter of 2009.

The GT4 is powered by a Suzuki motorcycle engine (photograph by Espera - photomontage by Philippe Calvet).

Classic study

It's a classic theme for the Espera school in Montbéliard: designing a sports car. Since 2007, there's been the ESP9, the Genesis, the Nemesis, the Katana and the Mulsanne. This time, the engine is a four-cylinder Suzuki from a Bandit, placed in a central rear position.
The GT4 is designed for track use only (Espera photo - Philippe Calvet photomontage).

Why ?

Note the Assystem name on the car. This company had partnered with Franco Sbarro to design the City Car two years earlier. I don't know what their exact involvement is in the GT4. There's also the DP logo of the Dijon Prenois circuit, which suggests that the GT4 was perhaps being considered for this circuit.
The GT4 concept was purchased by one of the students involved in its design, Francis Bouillet, founder of the Kustom & Racer Design workshop.

In brief
1- Two-seater model
2- Suzuki motorcycle engine
3- Designed for the racetrack