Alcador LO

In 2008, Franco Sbarro presented the Alcador GTB at the request of Ludovic Binder. Based on a Ferrari 348 GTB, the car caused such a sensation that Franco Sbarro fulfilled two further orders in 2009, including this light-gray model, based on the Ferrari Testarossa.

The LO is a variation of the Alcador GTB

Ferrari Testarossa

The third version of the Alcador GTB, the LO (for Lista Office) is a sports coupé based on a Ferrari Testarossa. The sponsor appears to be Mr. Lienhard, and on the sills is the website address of Autobau, his exhibition center for exceptional cars, where some of Franco Sbarro's creations can be found. Mr. Lienhard is the owner of several Sbarros, and in 1992 purchased the entire Helios program - not only the coupé and cabriolet, but also the complete exhibition structure.

The four tailpipes are further apart than on other Alcador models (photo

Aesthetic differences

The LO differs from the other two Alcador GTBs in its engine: a twelve-cylinder boxer engine from Ferrari Testarossa instead of the V8 of the Ferrari 348 (Alcador GTB 2008) or the V8 of the Ferrari 360 Modena (Alcador GTB 2009). Other differences: the 2008 version lacks the 4 side air intakes on either side of the front bumper of the 2009 and LO versions, and the rear bumper is slightly different. The interior color is red.

With the LO, Franco Sbarro successfully exploits the design inaugurated in roadster form with the Turbo S20 and in coupé form with the Alcador GTB. One word: magnificent!

t's hard to tell a Ferrari Testarossa from this body.

Four models

- The Alcador GTB presented at Geneva 2008 was the first of a series of three.
- In 2009, a dark-blue Alcador was exhibited, based on the Ferrari 360 Modena F1, also developing around 400 hp. In addition to its color, it was distinguished from its predecessor by four air intakes on either side of the front bumper and a redesigned rear end. It was then repainted in red.
- Also in 2009, the third Alcador, named LO GT, is light grey and, like the 1995 Alcador, powered by a twelve-cylinder Ferrari Testarossa engine. It too has air intakes on the front bumper.
- In 2018, the GTC is presented: red with a black hood at the base of the windshield and a black roof, it follows the lines of the Alcador with a few differences.

In brief
1- Based on a Ferrari Testarossa
2- Third version of the Alcador GTB
3- Commissioned by Mr Lienhard, creator of Lista Office