The Gecko is a small leisure vehicle inspired by Buggys. With no doors, no roof and minimalist equipment, the Gecko exists purely for pleasure..

The gecko revisits the buggy theme. Note the gecko, the animal, placed between the seats.

Modern buggy

The Gecko is powered by a PSA-sourced V-six developing 210 hp. Given the limited weight (880 kg), performance should be very interesting.

The Gecko features Franco Sbarro's famous Dual-Frame chassis. The body is made of fiberglass, and the seats are molded directly into the body. It's safe to assume that comfort must be very basic.

The Gecko has a real presence

And what about today?

For the record, the gecko is a kind of lizard that can climb anywhere and walk upside down thanks to the suction cups on its legs. Such a name bodes well for the car's roadholding. (The gecko is also the logo of Wiesman in Germany, but there's no connection with Espera and Sbarro).

Francis Bouillet, Espera alumnus and founder of the Kustom & Racer Design workshop, bought the Gecko in the summer of 2011 and intended to continue its development.I have no information since.

The Gecko at the Bonhams sale at Rétromobile in 2010

Excerpt from Bonhams catalog, Rétromobile 2010

"This dynamic concept car caused quite a stir when it was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2009. Designed by students at the Espera-Sbarro school under the guidance and advice of the stylist, the Gecko features a playful and original motorized roadster body.
The bodywork is made of synthetic materials installed on a welded tubular structure. The Gecko roadster is powered by a 3-liter PSA V6 engine, identical to that powering the current Citroën C6. It is mated to an automatic gearbox.
This concept car turns but is not road-legal. It does not have a carte-grise. [..]
Resolutely young and innovative in both color and style, the Gecko roadster is a superb example of the creativity of tomorrow's automotive stylists, and as such should find its place in a collection open to automotive creation in all its aspects."

In brief
1- The buggy theme revisited
2- 210-hp V6 engine
3- Dual-frame chassis