GT8 black

Franco Sbarro developed this GT8 from a Ferrari 360 Modena Spider, at the request of a customer. It features a reworked rear end with four tailpipes. A A red border surrounds the car, which is painted entirely in black. The red color also appears on the rear-view mirrors. The interior appears to be original, while the front gets a new bumper with an aggressive, slightly tormented style.

A red border surrounds the black GT8 (photo


This black GT8, and even more so the second to be built and painted in pink, is far from unanimous if the comments left on the web are to be believed. Of course, this is an order that Sbarro has honored by respecting the customer's wishes. It's true that touching a Ferrari always provokes epidermal reactions in some people. Sbarro's only wish, I believe, is to satisfy its customer. And that seems to be the case.
The front, with its new bumper, is more faithful to the original 360 than the rear (photo

In brief
1- Aesthetic modifications to a Ferrari 360 Spider
2- Reworked rear end
3- Unchanged mechanicals