Sbarro GT8 #2, 2006


The first GT8, painted in black, surprised and left many people puzzled. The latter, presented in Essen in the same year, goes further into what some see as provocation.

First, the color that hurts. And yet, some pink cars became very famous as the Marylin Monroe's Cadillac. But a pink Ferrari, it struck the "purists".

Then the body kit is even more troubled at the front on the GT8#1.

And finally, the rear wing is not exactly discreet.

The base is still a Ferrari 360 Modena Spider. If the owner made the same thing on a Corvette, no one said anything. But a Ferrari! While we like it or not, the two GT8 have certainly filled their owner. I 'm not judge !


text Philippe Calvet, automatic translation (so be indulgent !)






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