Saetta Rossa

The Saetta Rossa (Italian for red lightning bolt) was presented to the press at the end of February 2020. It was due to be exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show, but this was cancelled due to the coronavirus epidemic.

A magnificent single-seater, the Saetta Rossa is powered by a Maserati V8 (photo by Julien Maillard for Espera).


The Saetta Rossa is a tribute to the racing barquettes of the 70s. The car has very flattering lines, both soft and aggressive. A beautiful stroke of the pen. Note that there is no spoiler, often found on this type of circuit vehicle.

The Saetta Rossa is a rolling prototype (photo by Quentin Cholier for Espera).


The engine comes from a Maserati 3200 GT: the donor car's V8 develops 370 hp. Thanks to the body's composite materials, weight is limited to 762 kg. Performance should match the line.

The engine is the Maserati V8 from the 3200 GT (photograph by RBR photographie).


For the record, the n°40 on the car is a tribute to Franco Sbarro, who worked on the early Ford GT40, of which he is surely one of the best specialists. Note the scope on the dashboard cap, which serves as a head-up display.
The Saetta Rossa took part in the historic Montée La Toph in Abreshviller in 2021.

In brief
1- Competition model
2- Maserati V8 engine
3- Covid prevented public presentation in 2020