Stinger - 2001


ive students from the Espera class of 2001 created this sports car, powered by a six-cylinder Kawasaki motorcycle engine. The raison d'être of this explosive machine is pure performance, resulting in an exceptional power-to-weight ratio.

The Stinger is designed for the track, a kind of four-wheeled motorcycle focused exclusively on performance.

For track use only

Extremely compact (3.30 meters long), with a rear-mounted mid-engine, the Stinger is the perfect car for circuit racing. The driver can accommodate two motivated passengers, seated on either side of him in two small, uncomfortable compartments. The polyester bodywork is extremely lightweight. The car weighs just 450 kg. The six-cylinder Kawasaki engine delivers 140 hp. The power-to-weight ratio is therefore conducive to exceptional performance. The chassis is fully adjustable.
Rear mid-mounted engine, fully adjustable suspension and chassis.
In brief
1- Designed solely for performance
2- Work by five students from Espera Pontarlier
3- Six-cylinder Kawasaki motorcycle engine