Autobau is a car showroom created by Mr. Lienhard, a former Swiss racing driver who won the Daytona 24-hour race in 2002. He is also a businessman who founded Lista Office, an office furniture company. Lista Office, LO, is the name of a model created by Franco Sbarro in 2009, at the request of Fredy Lienhard. This time, Franco Sbarro pays homage to his friend with an original model named... Autobau!

The Autobau's styling may be controversial, but its presence is undeniable (photo:


Visitors to the 2010 Geneva Motor Show were in for a complete surprise. The Autobau is confusing and looks like nothing you've ever seen before. Some found it reminiscent of a Pininfarina Modulo, while others criticized the styling for being too busy and dated to the 70s. In short, as is always the case with Franco Sbarro's creations, (bad) criticism is easy. Of course, the car won't win any beauty contests, mainly because of its tortured, trident-shaped front end. In this respect, there are many other cars that don't shine for their plasticity (have you taken a good look at a Koenigsegg?), but they don't leave you indifferent.

No doors, but a cockpit that tilts forward (photo by Dario Fontana for


The Autobau is a spectacular car that takes pride of place. Firstly, with its orange bodywork, highlighted by matte gray accents, with the air intake on the roof that incorporates a camera replacing the rear-view mirrors, the side edges that divide the sides at window level, and the side spoilers at the front and rear. Then there's access to the vehicle, thanks to the forward tilting of the roof and side window-breaker assembly.
Sober interior contrasting with the exterior (photo by Dario Fontana for

For the road

The interior, in red alcantara and black metal, features a gearshift lever in the famous grille that has long been Ferrari's trademark. At the rear, in a central position, lies the surprise: a magnificent Ferrari V12 engine developing almost 550 hp. The Autobau is more than just a styling exercise: it's a genuine sports car with everything it takes to silence the naysayers. The photos illustrating this article show this unique model on the road.

The rear is more conventional than the front, but has its own personality (photo by Dario Fontana for


The Autobau, like many Sbarros, is a car with its own personality, timeless and timeless. It's an example of an endangered automobile that's not concerned with marketing, practicality or rationality. A car for pleasure, unique, far from the crisis.

Extract from the brochure distributed at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show

"Autobau is a tribute to my friend Fredy Lienhard for his success in international competition as well as in his professional and private life. I hope that this performance will be worthy of the wonders he brought together a year ago in Romanshorn. A lifetime of passion and hard work."

In brief
1- Based around a Ferrari V12 engine
2- Very personal styling
3- A tribute to Fredy Lienhard