Sbarro Autobau, 2010



Autobau is an exhibition center auto created by Mr. Lienhard, former Swiss rider who won the 24 Hours of Daytona in 2002. It's also a businessman who has created Lista Office, an office furniture company. Lista Office LO is also the name of a model created by Sbarro in 2009, at the request of Fredy Lienhard. In 2010, Franco Sbarro tribute to his friend through a new model that bears the name of ... Autobau!


Extract from the booklet distributed at the Geneva Motor Show 2010 :

"Autobau is a tribute to my friend Fredy Lienhard for its success in international competition as well as his professional and personal lives. I hope that this interpretation is worthy of wonders it has captured a year ago, with fireworks. A lifetime of passion and work."


The surprise was total for visitors to the Geneva Motor Show 2010. The Autobau unlike anything known. Some people found Pininfarina Modulo inspiration, others have criticized the 70's style. In short, as always with the Franco Sbarro's creations, the (bad) criticism is easy. Although the car will not win a beauty contest, mainly because its tortured trident-shaped front. But, there are many other cars that do not shine by their plastic (have you really watched a Koenigsegg?). Autobau doesn't leave indifferent. The Autobau is a spectacular car. First the orange color of the body with grey mate touches. Then the boarding is done through the changeover to the front of the whole roof windshield side windows.

A closer look reveals a striking interior in red alcantara & black metal, with a famous gate that has long been the trademark of Ferrari. The surprise lies in the rear center position: a beautiful original Ferrari V12 that develops 550 horsepower. The Autobau is not a mere exercise in style: we have here a real sport that has all the elements to silence the gossips.


The Autobau, like many Sbarro's one-off, is a car that has its own personality, beyond time and fashion. An example of automotive endangered which does not deal with marketing, practical sense or rationality. A fun car, unique, far from crisis.


(photos by

text Philippe Calvet, automatic translation (so be indulgent !)




Engine Ferrari 12 cylinders. 500 bhp

6 manual gearbox

rear wheel drive
Weight : about 1500 kg


French version