Sbarro Yamaha XJ6 caddy tricycle, 2010


We tend to forget sometimes, but Franco Sbarro is not only about cars. Much of his work consists to modify and create motorcycles. Remember, it was by the transformation of a scooter that all began when he was fifteen years.

In Geneva in 2010, Franco Sbarro has presented a Yamaha XJ6 whose front wheel was exchanged for a module incorporating a two-wheeled small chest removable. The latter can easily accommodate a helmet and has two small wheels, to carry like a suitcase on wheels.


A motorcycle with two front wheels is not a new concept. Piaggio sells mp3's for some time, which appears to be a commercial success. Sbarro applies his system to a true bike. The fork is disassembled and the "trolley" is just put in his place. The bike can be parked vertically. A lever (located under the front brake) can block the system to remain stationary without setting foot on land. When you drive, you unlock it and then the bike can take the angle in the corners.


This tricycle is not for sport pilots who will not see the utility, but rather to fans whose motorcycle is an alternative means of travel and would like to add convenience to their bikes. Will there be marketed this system? I do not know, but it is a simple and innovative concept that could find some clients.


text Philippe Calvet, automatic translation (so be indulgent !)





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