Sbarro Essenza, 2010


The students of Espera Montbeliard have created a white sport coupe with black painted front and rear mask. What characterizes it is its long hood first, then the sides dug and heavily worked, including an air outlet, a rear roof totally blind and a double hump in the manner of a Zagato.

The interior is no exception and is breathtaking when one considers the constraints of rapid design and manufacturing imposed on students.

On the mechanical side, the car is powered by a BMW 6-cylinder, developing 200 horsepower. This, combined with light weight of the machine (850 kg), suggests the strong emotions at the wheel. The Essenza is not a simple model, but a running prototype. It made its first ride just before the Geneva Motor Show.


Present their work in a prestigious event like Geneva is a consecration. Media coverage is strong, even if the "big" media do not linger enough on the achievements of Espera. We can say, seeing the Essenza, that passion for the Automobile is still there, firmly rooted. Thanks, Mr. Sbarro, for this school.



Extract from the booklet distributed at the Geneva Motor Show 2010

"True passion fruit, Essenza is born of inspiration drawn from the depths of each of its creators. Paradox between the generosity of its forms and the momentum of its lines, Essenza is a concept of strong character despite the purity color. In a few weeks promoting their 2009-2010 school ESPERA Sbarro Montbéliard has given a soul and a personality to this unique concept. Essenza is the culmination of over 15.000 hours of work and discovery traditional methods of prototyping."


Extract from the article in February 22, 2010

"Essenza is the Christian name of the exceptional car designed by the school Espera. At the end of the month, 40 students and four instructors took the road to present at the 80th International Exhibition for automobile Geneva (March 4 to 14). This is not nothing. Describe the expertise of a school alongside the biggest manufacturers in the world (250 exhibitors from 30 countries representing about 700 brands) who are in Geneva to present the small fleet of their past, it pushed awfully adrenaline.

"We're looking forward to it. At the same time, it was a bit scared, "says Martin, 23, Epinal (BTS automotive industry).

"We are a school, not a great builder, reassured his troops Anthony teacher. The great designers come see us at each show, welcomed the students as last year Chris Bangle, BMW former designer.


And it looks like what the mysterious Essenza coming out Thursday paint booths? "At a Corvette with a little something Viper, admit students who refuse to say more before Geneva. They let slip that it has a BMW engine, the 2010 proto "openings, interior finishes very accomplished," that its design has met "strict specifications. Francoise Jeanparis.


Immediacy is Geneva with beautiful Essenza "simple but most," says William, 21, Audincourt (SEN auto mechanic) who claims to have "given reality" to his childhood dream at Espera. "


text Philippe Calvet, automatic translation (so be indulgent !)



Engine : 2,5l (BMW) 200 bhp
Frame : multitubular
Transmission : rear wheel drive
Gearbox : 5-manual
Body : fiberglass
Weights : 850 kg
Wheels : Team Dynamics Mesh III black mate

Tires : Michelin Pilot Sport
Equipment: Recaro bucket seats, Recaro Harness, Sellerie Romero



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