Sbarro GT12, 2000


When Sbarro presented the GT1 in 1999, he let it be understood that this model would be developed. Very soon the idea to install a more refined motor than the V8 became a reality. Within a year he was showing the 12 cylinder version at the Geneva Motor Show: the GT1 metamorphosed into the GT12.


The engine is the Mercedes S-Class V12, delivering 500 BHP at 3800 rpm. The GT12 is very similar to the GT1 : same body, dual-frame etc...


On the outside, there are just a few differences between the GT1 and the GT12. The V12 version is silver-grey, has another style of Antera wheels and the rear lights are still, I think, S-Class but they are not covered as in the GT1. The different shape rear wing can be moved through 15 degrees to adapt to different circuits. Inside the upholstery is red leather and alcantara. The doors are the same as the GT1, hinged horizontally at the front and lifting upwards.


Performance figures of 187 mph and 0–62 in 4.5 seconds are very high. One wouldn’t expect less from such a car !


The GT12 has been exhibited for three years in a row on the Sbarro stand at the Geneva Motor Show : which proves the interest in its designer. But will we ever see this car on a circuit one day ? Does it meet the homologation requirements of the GT1 class ? I do not know. One thing is certain: it’s a beautiful car. It would be a pity if it only remained a prototype. I dream of the day when I see it at the start of Le Mans….


text Philippe Calvet - Translation Justin Bouverie




  SBARRO GT12 (2000)


V12 Mercedes modified


mid longitudinal


6000 cm3


500 BHP @ 3800 rpm


rear wheel drive


5-speed manual ZF


4 vented discs with 4- pot callipers


Antera : front 10 x 18 ; rear 14 x 18


dual-frame, polyester monocoque


length : 5,00 m ; width : 2,20 m ; height : 1,10 m ; wheelbase : 2,80 m


1450 kg


from 0 to 62 mph: 4.5 seconds

top speed

300 km/h





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