The fruit of the labors of five students, the Italia is a 320 hp single-seater weighing just 530 kg. Performance, on track only, should be breathtaking.

Minimalist, the Italia is all about performance: 320 hp for 530 kg.

V6 Alfa Romeo

The engine is an Alfa Romeo V6. An almost mythical engine. Here, it develops 320 hp and is positioned in a transverse rear mid-engine position. Seen from the rear, it's all you can see, with its exposed exhaust pipe. Curiously, the air filter is placed in the center of the car, just between the two seats. As for the seats, they are molded directly into the bodywork, with only a few glued-on padding for comfort. The polyester bodywork takes up the triangle of the traditional Alfa Romeo grille. Of course, there are no windscreens, doors or roof. The Italia features Italy's national colors on the hood band and roll bar.

The Italia was designed and built by five students, whose names are inscribed on the bodywork. Unfortunately, the Italia went unnoticed at the time and remains unknown today.
Comfort is not the priority on the Italia

In brief
1- Single seater for circuit use only
2- Alfa Romeo V6 engine
3- Demonic power-to-weight ratio