After the Genesis and Nemesis presented at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show, Espera Montbéliard students set about designing and building two other prototypes in record time: the Katana and the Mulsanne.

The Katana is impressive

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The Katana is a small two-seater sports car built in record time (two months) by students at Espera Montbéliard. The Katana is powered by a 1.6 l V-tec four-cylinder engine from a Honda Civic, developing 160 hp. The chassis is of course Dual Frame. The rear section can be detached and removed for easy maintenance.

The car was involved in an accident in early summer 2008 (bent chassis). It was sold in early summer 2011 and is located in the Paris region.

The presence of a smartphone and a car radio is almost incongruous in this type of vehicle.

Partnership with Orange

Orange has teamed up with Espera Montbéliard to design the Katana's dashboard to integrate a smartphone and a Parrot RK 8200 Bluetooth hands-free car radio. Today, it may seem trivial, but in 2008, few cars could connect to a smartphone.

In brief
1- Honda Civic 160 hp engine
3- Dual frame chassis
3- Partnership with Orange for multimedia