Sbarro Alcador GTB, 2008


In 1995, Franco Sbarro presented the Alcador, a superb machine whose particularity was the ventilation system of the engine. The owner, a German, asked Franco Sbarro to design a new model: the GTB Alcador, presented in Geneva in March 2008.


The two cars have no link between them. The 1995 Alcador was based on a Ferrari Testarossa, which it took over the chassis, the trains and V12 engine. The Alcador GTB is based on a Ferrari 348 GTB: V8 engine, centrally positioned and pushed about 400 horses, with improved braking 8 piston calipers, larger wheels with 20 inch rims OZ.


The body is classic. The owner wanted a car less exuberant than the first Alcador. However the GTB has opening doors in elytra and a strong visual presence. Some observers found the air of family with the Ferrari 330 P4 1967 (a car that Franco Sbarro knows for working on it and then made a superb replica). As the Turbo S20, the lights are taken from the Fiat Seicento and the Smart Coupé.


After a first exhibition at the Geneva Motor Show 2008, the Alcador GTB was presented at the Essen 2008. The owner had meanwhile placed Ferrari badges which were overshadowed by a black adhesive at Essen : he didn't want to irritate Ferrari!


The name Alcador is just the first syllable of the name of the owner's daughters: Aline, Catherine and Dorine.


text Philippe Calvet, automatic translation (so be indulgent !)



Engine V8 Ferrari, 400 BHP


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