Alcador GTB

In 1995, Franco Sbarro presented Alcador, a superb machine whose special feature was to incorporate engine ventilation system in the form of large side hoops. Thirteen years later, the car's sponsor, Ludovic Binder, asked Franco Sbarro to design a new model : the Alcador GTB, presented at Geneva in March 2008.

The Alcador GTB from 2008 takes the general lines of the Turbo 20S, in coupé form (photography by Dirk de Jager for

Based on a Ferrari 348

Apart from their names, Alcador 1995 and Alcador 2008 have nothing in common. The 1995 Alcador was based on a Ferrari Testarossa, whose chassis chassis, running gear and twelve-cylinder engine. The 2008 Alcador GTB is based on a Ferrari 348 GTB. The engine is a centrally-placed V8, here boosted to around 400 hp. The braking has been improved with eight-piston calipers. The large 20-inch wheels are fitted with OZ RIMS

These are the world's fastest Fiat Seicento taillights ! (photography by Dirk de Jager for

Classic bodywork

The bodywork is more classic. The less exuberant than the first Alcador. Alcador. This doesn't prevent it from having elytra-shaped doors and a strong visual presence. The Alcador is visually quite similar to the 2007 Turbo S20, of which it can be assimilated to the closed version. As on the Turbo S20, the rear lights are borrowed from the Fiat Seicento and the headlights from the Smart Coupé

After its debut at the the 2008 Geneva Motor Show, the Alcador GTB was presented at the Essen 2008. This time with mirrors. For the record, the owner had in the meantime placed Ferrari badges that were obscured by black adhesive at Essen, probably so as not to irritate Ferrari !

The name Alcador comes from the first syllables of the first names of the Mr Binder's three daughters: Aline, Catherine and Dorine.

Elytra-shaped doors open onto a luxurious interior (photography SLay -

Four Alcador

- Alcador GTB presented at Geneva in 2008 is the first of a series of four.
- In 2009, the blue Alcador is exhibited, based on a Ferrari 360 Modena F1, also developing around 400 hp. In addition to its color, it is distinguished from its predecessor by four air intakes on either side of the front bumper and a redesigned rear end. It was then repainted in red.
- Always in 2009, the third Alcador, named LO GT, light grey in color is powered, like the 1995 Alcador, by the twelve-cylinder Ferrari Testarossa engine. It too has air intakes on the front bumper.
- In 2018, GTC is unveiled : red with a black black hood at the base of the windscreen and black roof. It follows the lines of the Alcador, with a few differences.

In brief
1- Based on a Ferrari 348
2- Coupe version of the Turbo S20
3- Two more models will be presented in 2009, based on the Ferrari 360 and Testarossa