The Sbarro Pendocar, originally presented under the name Pendolauto, is an astonishing machine, a four-wheeled motorcycle with a very pure and innovative style.

The Sbarro Pendocar, a four-wheeled motorcycle, is magnificent (photo: Philippe Calvet)


The Pendocar leans into bends like a classic two-wheeled motorcycle: the inclination can reach 30° and, combined with wide rear wheels, provides unrivalled roadholding. The Pendocar's dynamic behavior is astonishing. Eight years earlier, Franco Sbarro and his students at Espera Montbéliard had presented the Scorpius, whose front wheels tilt up to 15° when cornering. The Pendocar's 1000 cm3 engine, borrowed from a Honda CBR, develops 160 hp.

The mechanism that allows the wheels to tilt by 30° must not have been easy to perfect (photo Philippe Calvet).


In addition to its tilting system, the Pendocar features fully transparent polycarbonate rims, which lend a certain visual lightness to this stocky vehicle. But what about on-road use? I'm not sure that polycarbonate can withstand all the stresses of a wheel.

The driving position is peculiar, with the rider lying on top of the vehicle. The instrument panel is limited to a rev counter. The Pendocar is magnificent, with its gray color and red leather trim. A vehicle like this deserves to get out of the shows where it was exhibited and onto the roads. It must be a wonderful experience.
Polycarbonate rims are a very important visual element (photo Philippe Calvet)
In brief
1- Four-wheel motorcycle
2- Can incline up to 30°
3- Polycarbonate rims