Sbarro Pendocar, 2008


The Sbarro Pendocar, presented initially as Pendolauto, is an amazing machine, a motorcycle with four wheels, very pure style and innovative.

The Pendocar leans on turns, as a classic motorcycle with two wheels: the slope can reach 30 degrees and, combined with wide wheels at the rear, allows a road holding without equal. The dynamic behavior of the Pendocar is amazing. The engine of 1000 cm3, borrowed from a Honda, develops 160 horsepower.

In addition to its system, the Pendocar is characterized by its wheels fully transparent in polycarbonate, which give a certain lightness to the vehicle yet stocky.

The Pendocar is beautiful, with her gray dress and red leather. Deserves such a vehicle to leave the rooms where she was exposed and go on the road. The experience must be formidable.

text Philippe Calvet, automatic translation (so be indulgent !)




Engine Honda 1000 cc, 160 BHP

gearbox 6-speed , rear wheel drive

weight 250 kg

top speed : 180 km/h


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