Franco Sbarro plays the nostalgia card again in 2012, with a car reminiscent of the Ferrari 250 GTO and 275 GTB, called Memory. The principle is still the same: a Ferrari 400 base, as in the Mille Miglia, and bodywork inspired by the Ferraris of the 1960s.

From the front, Memory looks like a Ferrari 250 GTO (photo by Peter Bovyn)

V12 Ferrari

Why a Ferrari 400 base? Quite simply because this car was too cheap for a Ferrari in 2012 and has a V12. This gives Memory a certain legitimacy. The all-black model presented in Geneva is not a replica, but rather an evocation.

The rear is, in my opinion, the least successful part. You can see the taillights of the Ferrari 400 (photo by Christof Rezbach).


Homage or heresy? Some regret the use of a Ferrari 400 to build this kind of car; others seem to approve, as evidenced by the seven examples built by Sbarro for the Mille Miglia. Whatever the case, the Memory is pleasant to look at, even if in my opinion it marks a lack of creativity on the part of Sbarro, which, to its credit, is as always responding to customer demand.

The Memory is powered by a Ferrari 400 V12 (photo by Nicolas Jeannier - Arthomobiles).
En bref
1- Evoking the Ferrari of the 60s
2- Ferrari 400 base
3- Build quality