Sbarro Memory, 2012


Franco Sbarro still replay the same nostalgic music in 2012 by offering Memory, a car mixing Ferrari 250 GTO and 275 GTB. The principle is always the same : a Ferrari 400-based, like the Mille Miglia, and a body inspired by the Ferrari of the sixties.


Why a Ferrari 400 ? Just because it's cheap now and has a V12, thus lending some legitimacy to the Memory. The car presented in Geneva, entirely black, is not a replica, but rather an evocation.


Homage ou heresy ? Some regretted the use of a Ferrari 400 to built this kind of cars, while others seems to agree, as evidence by Sbarro built seven Mille Miglia. Anyway, the Memory is pretty, but I think it shows a lack of creativity : but Franco Sbarro meets the demand of too nostalgic customers.


text Philippe Calvet, july 2012



engine Ferrari V12 (Ferrari 400i), 4823 cc, 315 bhp

front longitudinal


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