Sbarro Espera Eight, 2012


Espera Eight, unveiled at the Mondial de l'Automobile in Paris 2012 and showed at Geneva in march 2013, took only eight weeks to be conceived and built (hence the name). This is an interpretation od americans hotrods, with a 360 hp Maserati V8 from a 3200GT, engine proudly exhibited trough three openings in the bonnet. Side exhausts, the lack of headlights, bumpers and roof, loophole windscreen, enormous tyres : all contribute the bestiality of the car. The rear, magnificent, surprises by its simplicity, with no window, his leather straps and tank cap. The body is in fiberglass, as usual at Sbarro. The mirrors are made in fiber flax.


Inside, place to modernity with some of the latest technology available to automakers: a driver-facing tablet computer that occupies the spot normally housing the dash (a first in a car). The audio system is provided by Parrot (Asteroid Smart car radio with OS Android. Another tablet, in front of the passenger is connected to internet and severals services (Deezer, Liveradio with 15000 world radio stations...). An onboard wireless charger by induction and a wireless stereo system (SuperTooth Disco 2) round out the tech package. The Eight is a dream for all the geeks !


A such car made in only eight weeks is an exploit. Half of the students worked on the frame and engine, the other on the body (it was the same for Intencity in march 2012, but inverted : so the students worked on all the parts of a car). The Eight is one of the most impressive car made by Espera students.


text Philippe Calvet, automatic translation (so be indulgent !)




Engine: Maserati V8, 3,2 l, 360 bhp

Rear Wheel Drive

Body: glassfiber (mirrors in fiber flax)

Wheels OZ racing Ultraleggera

Tyres Bridgestone Potenza 305/35 ZR 20



French version