Sbarro SL roadster, 2004


Under this body lies a Mercedes SL. Difficult to guess. But is it hard to bear? Because I must admit, the SL do not gain anything in this transformation. Why Franco Sbarro committed such a thing? Simply at the request of a client. Things go about as a client, often a person who has already funded a Sbarro, demands a transformation of his car. That's how we reach this SL roadster expanded to cover excessive and appendices at least inelegant.


Some pictures show the Sl in pink. The same pink as the controversial GT8. Is it the same car or a second one ? I don't know. The front of the pink one is different, with two lames. The car had suffered, with teared softtop and a damaged front near the right light.


text Philippe Calvet, automatic translation (so be indulgent !)





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