Sbarro Turbot Rhino 1 (Spirou), 2004


It exists! The Spirou's turbot Rhino 1. The one that appeared for the first time in the album "La corne du rhinocéros" (The rhino horn). The Turbotraction that has made dream all the kids who grew up with Spirou. It exists. For real! Franco Sbarro has built it.


For the exhibition devoted to Franquin in 2004, Franco Sbarro built this car from the drawings published in the famous comic strip. A technical and aesthetic project: the car created by Sbarro is faithful. A success.


More surprising, the Turbot Rhino roll, as evidenced by the photographs taken by Raphaël Belly in Monaco during the summer of 2010. If you have technical data on this car, please let me know.


Thank you to Raphaël Belly for allowing me to use his photos

text Philippe Calvet, automatic translation (so be indulgent !)





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