Sbarro Citroën C-Cruise Crosser, 2007


Citroën has just presented in 2007 the C-Crosser, an SUV produced by PSA in partnership with Mitsubishi. To anchor the vehicle in the tradition and history of the brand, Citroen asks Franco Sbarro to create a vehicle with 6-wheel drive, in the spirit of the famous cars of the Croisière noire in the 20's. The C-Crosser Cruise is however a car of today, with its engine power hybrid-diesel.

The body adopted the style pick-up : the rear compartment can accommodate additional passengers or luggage. Loading is facilitated by the opening studied the back door as well as walk-lateral foot.

The interior is spacious and luxurious, with an orange color reminiscent of the bodywork.


text Philippe Calvet, automatic translation (so be indulgent !)




engine hybrid diesel-electric

6 wheel drive


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